Thursday, April 29, 2010


One of the most infamous romances in Rock 'n Roll history began when John Lennon went to an art exhibit. In the foyer was a step ladder (that Yoko Ono had “borrowed” from her land lord) and a magnifying glass hung from the ceiling. When John climbed the ladder and looked through the looking glass, he found a tiny word written on the ceiling: “Yes.” He was instantly smitten with the artist.

There are few words one would rather hear. Sadly, as a parent, I'm afraid I'll need to use it sparingly. “Can I play in the mud?” No. “Can I play with your guitar?” No.”Can I play with your sword?” NO! “Can I have a cookie?” It's almost dinner time.

But, oh, how they light up when I do get to say 'Yes.' “Is Santa coming tonight?” “Yes, if you're in bed by seven.” Fat chance. “Is Gramma coming over today?” Yay, quarters and gum for all! “Are we going to the water park this weekend?” Yay, water-wedgies for all!
And, “Is the baby asleep?” YES! We've got half an hour, better make it count! Who says that romance loses it's excitement when a baby arrives?

Sometimes it's really difficult, like “Do it's time to start trying for a child?” We had a plan, and it was time to get to it, but there was a lot of fear involved. Thankfully, with an understanding wife, experienced friends, and Blogging, I was able to vent my fears in safe environments, and I'm so glad I said “Yes!”

Mostly, it's fun to say 'Yes.' Have you ever said 'yes' to someone who needed help moving? I swear, you can see three pounds of pressure drop from their face, and their shoulders loosen too! Or at work, when a customer is looking for an item. When I can track it down for them, it just seems to make their day. I may be blowing it out of proportion a little, but they are genuinely appreciative.

I'm sure that you say 'yes' to people several times a day, but try to be mindful of it; see the affect it has on them, and on yourself. See how it seems to brighten the room just a little.


  1. I thought about Yes as my Y post!

    And kids hear 'no' 200,000+ times before the age of 18, and 'yes' less than 20,000 times. Something to think about!

  2. I've never thought of things in that way before,
    I always said "Ask your dad". seriously though how many times does a child say Why?.
    It is very nice to say yes to people especially if you have a smile on your face.
    A most interesting blog for me to think about before I go to bed as it's past midnight here.

    Take care.

  3. Thanks for a fresh way of looking at yes. I know I definitely hate to be told no especially after getting up the nerves to ask.

  4. Yes is a powerful word and its fantastic to hear I agree.