Thursday, April 1, 2010

A is for Anniversary

How's this for a great idea? I've been challenged to write thematically-based Blog posts for April, using letters of the alphabet. On Apr. 1st, an “A” theme, on the 2nd, “B”, etc. If you take Sundays off, it adds up to you posting “Z” on Apr 30th. So here goes:

This first one is easy, since it's an Anniversary. Five years ago today, Andrea & I had our first date. When I told a friend that our first date was April 1st, he said “Are you sure?” I am now!

We met the day before, and the conversation was so natural that I asked if she wanted to go for coffee, but she had to go visit a friend in the hospital. So we went for breakfast at a place called 'Jean's' (when I told a friend, she said “The convenience store?” I said “Yes, the convenience store, because when you date Will, it's class all the way”). Andrea spent the evening before the date doing her nails and tidying her place. I spent the evening studying her astrology signs to see what I was in for.

Breakfast turned into an all-day hang-out, then in the afternoon, we went to her place to watch “What the Bleep Do We Know” (kinda like The Secret, with more emphasis on the quantum physics). At one point, when complaining about the cold, she said “if it's true, we should be able to Think ourselves warmer.” to which I replied, “Well, I wanted to try the Quantum Sharing-a-blanket technique.” Pretty smooth, eh? Fourteen months later, I proposed, then on July 7 2007 (7-7-7 – Neat!) we wed.

There's my A post, and there's the challenge. Best of luck to y'all!


  1. You're off to a great start. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Very sweet. Happy Anniversary! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary, thats a cute start. And if tomorrow is B how we made our baby I'm not

  4. Congratulations! Great beginning to the Alphabet Adventure!

  5. haha awesome job! haha thats sweet that you still remember your first date

  6. Guess you two had a special chemistry to make such a quirky first date turn into a marriage--but that's when it works best. Then again what the bleep do I know?

  7. A good start to the challenge, Happy Anniversary.

    Have a good day.


  8. I've read all your letters (backwards of course) and love them all. Anniversary was going to be my first one if I had joined (hindsite, I wish I had) anyways, on the 25th we are celebrating our 30th. Congrats on yours.
    Take care and God Bless. I'll be back to pester you again.