Monday, April 5, 2010

D is for Drama

When I got to work the day before the Easter weekend, my boss asked my to direct traffic in the parking lot. When I asked where the Drama was, she replied “Save the Drama for your Mama.”
We all love drama, to varying degrees. We understand most of what we experience through stories. When we see someone performing a random act of senseless kindness, we'll call them a Good Samaritan. When we're asking someone to dig deep, to do more than previously thought possible; “Use the Force, Luke!” (is my 'Nerd' showing?) And when we want to be persuasive, we'll slur about “an offer they can't refuse.”

Having said that, isn't it irritating when someone brings their Drama-philia to their regular social situations? This is usually a case of something being blown way out of proportion. That, my pretty's, should be saved for your mama. It's hard to blame us when most of us have been raised on TV.

On the other hand, let's have some fun with it! “That's like when I toured with Van Halen...” “Really?” “No, not really.”
“My cat washes dishes”
“There's a crop circle on my back.” Ew.
I've got one friend who I knew for about three weeks before I got a straight answer out of him. “How ya doing, Jay?” “My water broke.” Oh, for crying out loud... Loads of fun, that lad is (Pardon my Yoda-speak. Damn, my 'Nerd' is showing again!)

To shift gears slightly, I'd like to welcome a ton of new readers! Asides from the fire under my arse to write more, that's been the best part of this challenge. I've also discovered some great new Blogs! I hope you'll forgive me if you've commented and I haven't been by to your Blog yet. I've got a 61/2 month old in the house, and adding that to my other duties, including a full time job, it's been difficult to find the time. Don't doubt for a moment, though that I”m really appreciative! See ya soon!


  1. There's always dramas and what a good topic to write about. I agree the best thing to come out of this challenge is metting new friends and reading new blogs, plus ourselves blogging everyday. Hope the baby is well likewise yourself and wife.
    Take care.
    Look forward to your "E " blog.

  2. I love it! My title today was D is for dum, da, dum, dum, dum...Drama! So funny! I love your writing style...following you now I am...God Bless!

  3. Nerd did you say nerd? What does that say about me? I've been following you from the start, almost.

    It's ok, a nerd and proud of am I. :)

  4. Sounds like I have the same kind of friend. Whenever I walk up to her and she's doing something obvious, like icing a cake, and I ask whatcha doin'...she always responds with something bizarre...Yesterday was, "Milking a yack." Sheesh!

  5. I know some of those people too. Actually I guess I really never get to know them very well. Maybe the "drama" is compensating for something they are lacking or think that they are lacking.

    Let's hear it for new readers!
    Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

  6. aww I loved the first Star Wars series. Chewbacca and R2-D2 were my favourite. ooh and Yoda was so gorgeous.

    Shall we expect Star Wars for your 'S' post? hehe

  7. lol your nerd is definatly showing Will, but hey there is nothing wrong with being a Nerd. Nerds will rule the world someday. Muwhahaha