Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Kidding

Again, I have the chance to write about something that I'd have a hard time fitting into another context.“Just Kidding.”

I don't think that those two words should ever be coupled. Perhaps, because I like my humor on the drier side, and this sounds like the equivalent of a laugh track. If you need to tell someone that you just made a joke, you probably didn't do it right. Of course, I've had to do that when I've either been too dry, or too obscure. I hadn't done it right.

The use of this phrase that really bugs me is when someone's dodging responsibility. For example, say someone says something really racist, then when you call them on their bullshit; “Oh, I was just kidding!” Grow up! Are you nine?

It seems that I've said all I've got to say on the topic pretty quickly. Well, off to the dictionary then. It seems that my dictionary is upstairs. Thesaurus will do the trick.

Knob? Known a few of those.
Kook? Known some of those too, and they're a lot more fun.
Kismet: chance, destiny, providence. Didn't know that.
Kinky? Haven't known much of that, so I'm far-from-qualified to discuss that. Besides, it's not that kind of Blog

Alright, enough wanking, Have a great day, and I'll try to have tomorrow's post planned better!


  1. lol...love the line about kinky. Hope you enjoy a great day as well. And did learn a new vocabulary word, kismet.

  2. just kidding is akin to the backhanded compliment.

  3. Kismet is a great word.. Kinky dunno.. I'm at your level with that one.

    Knob, I know way too many of those/them....

    and Just kidding, never thought about it that way..but I will remember what you said so I won't say it next time..trouble is the knobs usually need to have "it" explained to them..witha a j/k

  4. I am still laughing Will, what a hilarious post,
    not that I fully inderstood much of what you wrote about at the end, This one made my day.


  5. 'Just kidding' sometimes comes into play when a person doesn't know how to take a joke. So we'll blame sensitive people for that phrase.