Friday, April 9, 2010

Harmony on Inner and Outer

“H” is another letter I've had to struggle with. I's called a “Challenge” for a reason....
The first thing that comes to mind is from the book my wife is reading: “The Law of Attraction” by Jerry and Ester HICKS. If you're so inclined to read their books, space them out. They can be pretty redundant if you read more than one in a row. Here's the gist of it: as I wrote on my “E” post, everything is made of really slow energy. Our thoughts determine the frequency of the energy we consist of, and therefore, transmit & attract.

The people and incidents we encounter throughout the day are in HARMONY with the thoughts and, perhaps more importantly, the mood we experience. Is it true? That's really too big a question for this lad, but it would answer a lot of nagging question, not the least of which being Karma/Reaping what you Sow. As with any soft science (a discipline with more theories than laws), there are a plethora of counter-explanations for every theory proposed. What I do know is that believing this can make one more aware of their thoughts, and more deliberate with their mental focus, and days after speaking to my wife about focusing on content for my Blog, I was approached with this alphabet challenge.

Something else we've been doing with this theory is to focus on what kind of HOUSE and HOME we want. We want a home where can entertain regularly, because friends are important. We also want a space for four children, and a personal library (we're off to a good start on both counts;) ). I'd also like a home recording studio, 'cause sonic creations are just fun! And horses, several horses.

Give it a try, seeing your life as you'd like to live it, doing the work you love, and coming home to a place that makes you go “Oh, Yeah!”


  1. I like this post - it is true that we have to first imagine in our minds what we want to attract that which we want. It is also true that if you imagine positive things that positive things will happen.That great little book 'Think And Grow Rich' by Napolean Hill which was written decades ago covers this in detail.Peace to ya all.

  2. Definatly try to do that. I like to imagine my dream house, my dream job, car, family, etc. It all seems so peaceful and easy, but then I come back to reality and realize life isn't easy it takes a lot of hard work, and thats what leaves me where I am today.

  3. Great post - love the last paragraph. Now that's living!

  4. You post ended on a heavenly note...well done~