Saturday, April 17, 2010

When we first brought Calli home, we were a little concerned about our dog. Kuma was almost 14 months old, and had been all but an only child, with daily walks and bed privileges. The nurses in the mat ward weren't too worried; apparently, mixed breeds have a better reputation than pure breeds for playing well with others. (Kuma is part Collie, possibly some Shepherd, with Roti coloring. We can't know for sure, because his mom was an outside dog with plenty of 'gentlemen callers.' Trollop.)

Turns out that the nurses were right, after his initial confusion, he warmed up to Calli nicely. When someone came to visit, (which is often with a new-born), he'd stay close to make sure that all was well, and then sit at their feet, just in case... As an added bonus, he really puts on his Big Boy Voice now when someone comes to the door. We've laughed at a few sales people who have gone stumbling off our front step in a rapid back-peddle! These actions have caused us to call him “Captain Kuma; Head of Security.”

Now that we put her on the floor to learn a little more mobility, he's always close, often trying to lay on the same blanket. Often, he'll even bring her one of his toys. And when her flailing legs connect with the poor fellow's face, he just gives us a long-suffering look. We have no doubt that they're going to be life-long pals.

Now, Calli has taken a tangible step in reciprocating the affection, not that she hasn't found him fascinating up to this point. Since we started spoon-feeding Calli, Kuma has hovered by the table, being something of an opportunist (there it is – the “O” word that started me on this story. Been waiting with bated breath, haven't ya?). Well, Calli often is putting her fingers in her mouth, (along with our fingers, fabrics, and just about anything else that will fit in her hand) and feeding time is no exception. She found that when she dangles pablum-covered fingers over the side of the high-chair, she gets plenty of puppy kisses. Apparently, this is just fine with her, because she'll reach into her mouth and re-cover her hand to offer it to Kuma again. They're gonna get along just fine.


  1. What a wonderful post. I love animals when my daughter was five we got a puppy.....a mixed breed.Having 2 sons also I wondered how the puppy would settle but Sheba was wonderful.
    She had a great life lived for 14 years and both myself and husband cried our eyes out when we had to part with her,
    Your little one will have a life long friend
    and vice versa.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Lovely photo :o) They will have a close bond forever.

  3. You brought some sweet sweet memories back to me of when my Littleman was a baby and my first "baby" (my Boxer Dempsey) was Littleman's biggest fan. He would sleep under his bassinett, then later his crib. He guarded Littleman as if he were his own. Makes me teary eyed remembering Dempsey's loyalty to us. He is missed every day.

  4. Dogs are great! We had several when I was a kid and they are so protective of their family.

  5. haha thats adorable. Calli will be thrilled with Kuma, you have no worries at all.

  6. Great picture and what a great relationship. I agree, life long friends.

  7. You kept me guessing -- I was wondering where this was going with the letter O. Pretty clever.

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  8. So cute! It is sweet how the doggie is so protective of his new adorable charge! Thanks for the great post!

  9. Your comment on my last blog past made me laugh! :) What a sweet post here! Only kitties at my house but I love watching the relationship between them and my son. :) I am sure Kuma and Callie will be great friends! Great picture, too!