Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This 'N That

Oddly, it's been busy-busy-busy, with little that's news-worthy. The feedings have been getting more sparse, but I understand that that's a total ebb & flow thing. We've learned why the hospital & Board of Health push so hard to get new parents to breast-feed: it can be a royal pain in the ass! It's gotten better, but like everything else we've learned from all these medical appointments, you can get 7 opinions from 5 professionals! It took 4 or 5 lactation consultants to get all the puzzle-pieces we needed to figure out this procedure. But things are flowing nicely now; it's almost time to realize my dream of shooting the cats! (with milk – no cats were harmed in the making of this Blog post, though we imagine that they'll be quite startled.)

We finally got Callie out to work to introduce her around. We mostly heard “Look at all the hair!” and “She's so little!” Now, I figured out years ago that I should never describe a baby, even the newest of newborns, as 'small.' I'm never gonna experience that part of birth, but I've seen where they come from, and I can't imagine squeezing even a 5-pound people through...there. And any woman who delivers a child larger than 9 pounds should get her picture on the front of the paper. Just 'cause it's not uncommon, doesn't mean it's not remarkable!

Speaking of work, I've got to go back tomorrow. Damn. I'll tell ya, this week ½ off just flew by, and we're almost settled into our household rhythms. That was you cue to laugh at my ignorance. I'm sure that as soon as we've gotten a pattern, our little angel will throw a wrench into them.

Have I mentioned the local Baby Boutique? One crazy thing I saw there was their CDs. I forget the brand name, but they had albums of Baby Beatles, Baby Rolling Stones (including Fool To Cry – cute – and Satisfaction – really?), and Baby Pink Floyd. With this in mind, I introduced Callie to Baby Cyprus Hill, making the age-appropriate changes to “mother-lovin' hits from the breast!” (if you're not familiar with CH, the original was “Hits From The Bong”)


  1. ha ha, ebb and flow!

    Welcome back to work. It's gonna suck! But love the posts!

  2. Love the music titles, you could have hit on a new market. Personally, I introduced my kids to my music asap, but they still listen to Britney et al. sigh.

    Work is a crimp in the rhythm but she will set you straight soon enough. :)