Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photos At Last!

Here, at last are the pictures from the Birth! Callie & me,
The obligatory Callie & Pooh (I think it was in the hospital contract Fine Print that we couldn't use their facilities unless we had no less that 5 items of Pooh paraphenalia

Our Fresh Family! Exhaustion, Vernix, and all!


  1. She's precious!! I want to smell her little head!!

  2. She is adorable, congratulations. Daughters are the best. I have two and currently hanging out in NYC with the 20 year old.... they are the best.

  3. Congrats man. Seriously. Dare I say, now the hard work begins?

    On a completely unrelated note, I've misplaced your email address.

    But for now. Enjoy fatherhood. I'm sure it's a long road.

  4. She is precious! I am so proud and happy for you and Andrea! Thanks for making me an Auntie! I take my Auntie responsibilities very seriously, and I promise to not buy her too many noisy toys that may drive you insane, just as you've done for me!
    It's funny, what you said about The Simpson's episode (do it for her) I think of that very same thing on a regular basis, ever since I first saw that one. Great minds think alike...and so do we!! haha
    Love you big Bro!! xo

  5. TQ Thanks, Dude! Especially since you're post about how you don't like being cornered to tell new parents how cute their kids are! (It can get a little awkward)
    Candance That's funny, Andrea says the same thing about 6x a day!
    VL Yeah, she's got me wrapped around her finger already! I've already planned Daddy-Daughter dates!
    MR Long road, indeed! And most of the Hard Work before the birth was done by Andrea, so I'm trying to compensate now (You know how guys hate to hear "No, you can't fix this," usually refering to late night acid reflux)
    mg26 Ladies & Gentlemen, meet my sister! She's great, and has two lovely daughters of her own! And yes, we agreed years ago to be careful what kind of toys make good gifts!