Friday, September 18, 2009

My First Award!

If you've read the Comments on my posts, you'll have seen that Candance at Crazy Texas mommy has nominated me for the Honest Scrap award! Holy Poop-On-A-Stick, I was stunned! The award goes to Bloggers who just give it to you straight, and write from the heart. Now if you've ever been to CTM, you'll know that having Candance say that you're straight-up, entertaining, and Real is a lot like having a Biker call you a Bad-Ass! If you haven't been to CTM, get yer ass over there! Post Haste! Tout de Suite! Immediately! I'll wait...

So, here's how it works: First, I nominate seven Blogs that I think are written from the heart, then I list ten open & honest things about myself. It's kinda easy, cause I haven't been doing this for long, so I'm not regurgitating some same-old-same-old, but there's gotta be some boundaries. Like, “boxers or briefs.” Unless you're offering to do my laundry, none of your bees wax! Actually, having not Blogged for very long, the nominations are a little harder. I haven't been around much, but I'll list a few that I've really been enjoying. Since Crazy Texas Mommy has already been mentioned, I'll have to give Candance an Honorable Mention.

I'll have to put up the addresses the old fashioned way, because I can't seen to get the highlight-link to work,

If you like CTM, you'll probably also like Adam at Throwing Quarters. He's a tech-junky, proud Clevelander, and a father of two beautiful girls, the most recent arriving just last week, 09-09-09; cool, eh? He's also got a bitchin' Podcast, featuring a wide variety of music, and other stuff. Dial yourself in!

The next would have to be “Mighty” Mur Lafferty at I Should Be Writing. hosts my favorite writing Podcast, and her Blog is often the written version of it. She's got one book published, and has been very forthright about all the shit she's wallowed in before & after, and if, like many bloggers, you fancy yourself a Writer, it's just a great mirror!

Another great Daddy Blog is Daddy Scratches. seems to be a great example of a Family Man, and posts some great pix! It can be a pretty graphic picture of High Hopes messily colliding with reality.

For my philosophy fix, I like Jerry at Daydreamer., a lot of it is videos he likes, but he also has a lot of Musings if you look through the history. Of course, the video's are pretty cool!

Next, I've got to mention Jennifer at MoreFutility. is another parenting Blog I like, and it seems that she's been doing this as long as I have. She's got a great writing style, and I had to give her shit once, 'cause I read a good bit with a mouth-full of coffee. My cat smells great, but has yet to forgive me.

One More: Scribbling in San Antonio. think I've got a soft spot for Texans, 'cause they keep popping up. I found this Blog through CTM, and it's one I really enjoy!

Now for the ten really honest facts:

1. I think it's rude to call someone by their first-name, just because they're wearing a name-tag. I've heard that Dale Carnegie (How To Win Friends & Influence People) wrote that people like to hear their own names, but that was long before telemarketers! Of course, I've asked other name-tag-wearers, and some agree, but some are OK with it, but it drives me batshit! 2. I usually like to wait before I drop this one, but I went through several years of a Bible-Thumper phase. What can I say; I wasn't popular in high school, and found acceptance. Plus, I'm spiritually inclined & a white North American, so I must be Christian, right? It made perfect sense when I was sixteen. Presently, I'm not identifying with any group/sect, but I enjoy Buddhist, Hindu/Yoga, or Qabala writings.
3. I'm a total nerd. Psychology, philosophy, FUN STUFF!
4. I'm a total nerd. I've seen Star Wars enough to play the 'Star Wars Pants Game!' It goes like this: you take a line from the movies and change one word to “pants.” Such as, “I find your lack of pants disturbing.” “I'm altering the pants, pray I don't alter them further.” “Queen Amidala! Your tragedy on the landing platform; Terrible! Seeing you alive brings warm feelings to my pants.” Star Trek too: LONG LIVE PICARD!
5. Without Spell-Check, you'd never know I was raised in an English-speaking country! My spelling is really quite pathetic!
6. Speaking of pathetic, I honestly believe that you have to be as cool as Jack Nicholson if you want to wear your sunglasses inside, or on cloudy days.
7. I'll often refer to my dad here (“Papa”), who is in fact my step-dad. In practice, he's my dad. I use his last name, my first son will have his first names, and he was my Best Man at my wedding. I've recently gotten back in touch with my birth-father, and we had a great visit last summer! I'd like to be in more contact with him, but he's a truck driver, and otherwise unavailable. A real Cat's-In-The-Cradle story.
8. I'm a real Mystery School buff; Freemasons, Templars, Golden Dawn, all that shit. I'm not sure if I'd get initiated into one though, the politics can be just awful!
9. I played bass in two bands in my 20's. One rock, and one metal. The rock band was with my best friend on vocals, and many rotating guitarists & drummers. He'll say we were in six bands, but I think that's like resume-fattening. It's the metal band I miss, some of the coolest guys you'd ever want to meet!
10. Hmmm, one more, eh? I'm writing a book. Well, either a book or a trilogy. If I want to publish it as a trilogy, though, I'll have to wait until all three are almost finished, 'cause waiting for additions to a series can be a royal pain in the ass!

So there you have it, my longest post ever! Hope you didn't get bored & tune out. Talk to y'all soon!


  1. I came by way of your comment on DaddyScratches. My spelling stinks to and so does my grammer and for that matter my english.
    I try hard to call people with name tags by their names. Just to let them know I see them as a person.

  2. holy crap! i got an award! that's sweet!

    you rock brotha!