Monday, September 14, 2009

Beware the Loving Nuicance!

Been away for a few days; it's hard to get to blogging on the weekends, since my shifts start earlier, and by the time I get home, I'm either dog-tired, got plans with the missus, or I park my spent-assed carcass on the couch and call it Spending Time With Andrea.

Sunday was spent at my parents (after work – thank you, coffee!) for Mom's birthday, and it was good to have a last mostly-adult visit before the Baby arrives. My folks are of two minds as to when to come to the hospital next week; Pragmatic Papa wants to come after delivery so as not to spend hours-on-end in the cafeteria (there's no family waiting room at the hospital, selfish bastards are devoting space to medical purposes) but Mom wants to be there shortly after the 8-cm dilation point. Considering we have no idea how long this will take, Andrea's suggested that they stay at our house during that time – much more comfortable, and much closer; their house is a 45-min drive away.

Then I read Adam's advice at Throwing Quarters. To summarize, new parents are exhausted, and a house full of well-meaning relatives after birth can wear on already-frayed nerves when all you want is quiet & rest. To be fair, Mom's made it perfectly clear that she's totally available to help in any way, but doesn't want to be a “Mother In-Law” (1950's horror blood-dripping font unavailable, so use your imagination here). I think we'll be fine, but we should put the “No Unannounced Visitors” Stipulation out there, just in case. Perhaps that's how the Three Wise Men got their reputation as such; they knew that Mary & Joseph wouldn't be curt with them if they brought really extravagant gifts!

Oddly, I'm already pretty cranky at work. I mean, I'm fine until one of the customers pulls some 'I-have-near-god-like-infallibility-because-I'm-spending-money-here' bullshit. I would have thought that the nearness of having a child would have put me on Cloud 9, frolicking & singing Sunshine & Lollipops from dawn to dusk. Instead, the slightest provocation, and I'm surly-as-shit, muttering very un-family-friendly things under my breath. I guess the stress is just getting to me, realizing that I finally have to grow up. Or do I...?

I tried to let the Wise Men comment stay as it was, but I just can't. It doesn't say how many Wise Men there were, but it's commonly guessed that there were three, since there were three gifts. Also, Wise men is often translated “Magi,” from which we get Magician, so they were probably astrologers (Well, Duh; following a star) and possibly alchemists. Thanks for letting me nerd-out there for a minute.


  1. Is this your first? How exciting. I have to admit Mr Quarter Thrower is right. My mother stayed with us a few days but she is one of the most unobtrusive people I know. The rest of the family are mostly spread out and the in laws were too old to drive.... but don't get me started on them lol...
    Friends called first.... Enjoy, as corny as it sounds they grow so fast.

  2. LOL, they want to be at the 8cm dilated point. LOL. If it goes by as fast as Wifey's did, then it'll go from 5cm to 10 cm in about 90 minutes.

    hope all is well.

    good luck! we'll be here wishing you the best!

  3. Hey Mr. Will Burke, I gave you an award. It's one of those meme things, which I generally avoid, and you don't even have to do that part of it, but I did want to give you the award because it's for people that post from the heart and you do that, which is why I'm totally sucked in.

  4. I wish you the best with your birth (it seems weird writing this as A. you will not be doing any birthing, and B. I don't know you from the proverbial Adam). Followed a tip to meet your blog, and am not disappointed. Who doesn't loathe servicing those who feel that the servicing should be done gratefully, and with a smile. Been there myself. As a side note, I am a odd history buff, knowledge loving freak, and that endnote was much appreciated.