Saturday, September 19, 2009

One More Sleep! (Who am I kidding?)

So, tomorrow's the Big Day! Or possibly, the day after. But tomorrow, for sure, it's starting. I really want to thank you all for all of the love & support you've shown! Though we've never really met, it's great to get all that good-will, especially going into this pretty blindly. I mean, I honestly can't remember the last time I even held a baby (I was at the other end of the country when my 2 nieces were infants).

When we dropped the dog off at our friends, it started to hit home just what we were in for. Andrea & I have been alternating between zen-like peacefulness, and stomach-dropping anxiety. We went out to dinner at her favorite restaurant, Nino's, (great authentic Italian, and the place of her Daddy-Daughter dates when she was young), then went to see The Informant (Matt Damon. Great movie. I usually prefer big visual spectacle when I go the Big Screen, but we agreed that this looked like some nice light entertainment.) In a nutshell, just enjoying our last chance to get out without arranging for a sitter, then worrying that said sitter isn't going through our drawers, then having some punk-ass boyfriend over that her parents don't approve of to do unspeakable things on our couch!

Yesterday was my last shift, and they passed the hat, and put together a great care package for us; diapers, wipes, diaper bag, ear thermometer (a truly great innovation. Truly.) couple onesies, really a fabulous gesture! I can't wait to bring the little gaffer in to show off!

So there it is. We're gonna try and get some sleep now (fat chance!), and I'll keep you posted as soon as I'm able. After this, it'll be all about sleep deprivation and poop, or so I've been told.

PS Earlier this week, I realized that my Blog's acronym is FAOCT. That's right, my internet presence is FAOCT


  1. good luck. hope all is well!

    do it do it do it!

  2. How exciting!! YAY, y'all!! I'm sending lots of good vibes your way and you MUST post pictures as soon after his arrival as humanly possible!

  3. My one more sleep turned into 17 more....good luck.

    Can't wait for pictures

  4. Brilliant plan. I wish I would have been so forward thinking with my first. I had no idea that my time watching movies at the theater had ended. Friends had warned me: Go out to eat, see a film, pee in private. I discounted all of this. I see two films a year (birthday and anniversary), I too am sitter paranoid, and if my inlaws aren't free, we are staying in.