Friday, September 11, 2009

Single Digits Now; 9 More Sleeps!

I neglected to mention it, but one of my wife's appointments on Tuesday was an ultrasound. The receptionist was a bit of a twit, so by the time my wife got in, she was a little disgruntled. As a consolation prize, though, the tech let Andrea see the screen (I don't think they're supposed to, cause since their not doctors, they can't answer when someone says “What the hell is THAT!” Truthfully, I'm sure they know, but their lawyers don't give 'em enough credit, so they only allow doctors to comment on any weirdness). So we found out our little bundle of joy has very chubby cheeks, and a bit of an attitude; (s)he was sticking their tongue out! Take THAT, medical establishment!

She's getting to that funny phase now; after a Dr's appointment, she says "Isn't this going really fast? Don't you wish we could hop off the ride for a little while?" Then when we're tucked-in & trying to get comfortable, she's saying "I'm pretty fucking sick of this, and I'm ready to get this baby out of me now!" I can totally understand both, but it's kinda funny to hear both in the same day.

Could it be considered a Milestone when you get your first Dr Seuss books for your children? 'Cause yesterday, we were in the for-sale section of the Library, when I said “Oh Yeah! Dr Mother Fuckin' Seuss Fuck YEAH!” I think you'd agree that a childhood without Dr Seuss is somewhat lacking. “And for the price of a cup of coffee a day...”

Speaking of charities, the local college kids were on every street corner today, for some cause or another. “Shine-O-Rama.” or some such cleverness, washing car windows for donations. So, what genius came up with this brain-storm? “OK, Think Tank time, people!, Now, what would a homeless person do?”

So, I'm still having a blast with this, and I've gotta say, I love the sense of community! We're celebrating the birth of Addison G in Cleveland yesterday (9-9-09 – Sweet!) on her dad's birthday, no less! Then someone in Texas needs help with something confusing in a cookbook (We've all been there!), and gets her answer, the same woman taught me to link with highlights! SUPERCOOL! It doesn't replace flesh & blood community, but it sure enhances is! I'll tell ya, I've got a lot more interesting things to talk about since I started this! Whatever did our ancestors do? Church, and the marketplace, methinks. So, it's like Church, without the threat of unpleasant afterlife, or fear of outsiders.


  1. dude!! Addison made your blog. How awesome!

    btw, my next post is going to be awesome. You will learn something you can NEVER learn by reading a baby book.

    stay tuned! should be tonight.

  2. Cool blog, got the link from the Quarter Thrower, no I have to remember to go back and finish full of wisdom is he.

  3. Oh, Aye (that's Celt, for Aw Yeah), Being close to the same place, family-wise, I'm learnin' plenty!