Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby's Home!

My apologies for having been a little slack in my Blogging, but, you know....

We didn't get home until yesterday, as Dr M wanted to keep them for 24 hours, which took us to 1:51 Weds morning. Nothing to worry about, just a precaution. Callie did, however, look a little jaundiced. Funny, I'd barely heard about jaundice until we were about to have Callie, then it came up several times. So when I heard that she was being tested, I was like, “Yeah, that's not unheard-of.” Turned out that her levels weren't too elavated, so they got the green-light to go home. No one was happier than Andrea, just being damn sick of hospital, hospital food, sharing a room with another new mother who's child was on a different feeding schedule. It was literally like, as soon as one newborn finished & settled, the other would think,”Grub? That sounds like a fantastic idea!”

So Andrea's glad to be home, as much as she's glad to be out of there. It's her turf, you know, all our stuff handy, and going on our own schedule.... OK, that's a gross exaggeration. I think we all know who's writing the itinerary in this house. She's getting fed every three hours, and, swear to God, it takes an hour to go through the whole process! Start with a diaper change (still tarry. Glad I heard all about Miconium, or this would have been very unsettling!), 10-15 mins on each ta-ta (much of this time is spent keeping her awake), then augment with a little cup feeding, clean her up, re-wrap, and clean up what I can while Mom pumps to stimulate production. I still like to hang around for this, because Mom nearly fell asleep once, and should this happen when no one's around, the consequences would be dire!

For middle-of-the-night feedings, we both got up. The way I see it, she did all the hard part, so missing a little sleep is the very least I can do! Not that I'm picking-and-choosing my duties, we're balancing it out pretty well. I'm taking on as much as I can, 'cause my wife most certainly deserves the Royal Treatment, and I'm just smitten with our new Little Princess!

And I'm not the only one! Kuma has been just precious with her too! If she makes a noise, he'll go over for a sniff to make sure that all is well. He'll sleep close by, and stay close for feedings, being careful not to be under-foot. He's been very gracious with the sleeping arrangements as well; Callie needs to be nestled on a shoulder, (we take turns) and Kuma will find another corner of the bed to curl-up on. To call this 'gracious' seems a little sarcastic, but really, that was his spot first. We were worried that he'd be jealous, but he's come into the Big Brother role just as easily as can be!

The cat's, on the other hand, want nothing to do with her. I'm OK with that, as long as they don't curl-up on her while she's sleeping!

Thank you all for the comments! Apparently, the we;;-wishing did the trick, and all this has been great! Wonderful enough that we may do it again!


  1. welcome home brotha!!

    enjoy the time off. glad all is well!!

  2. Sounds wonderful. It seems so long ago for me...well it was.

    Nice to see you getting up at night, don't recall my husband doing that. Then again not sure he had time off either..

    And the ta ta's are also known as breasts...sheesh lol..

    And if I remember correctly breast fed babies poops don't smell as bad as bottle fed.

    Enjoy it will be over in a blink.

  3. yes, breast fed baby's poop isn't as stinky, but there is a lot more of it!

    just wait until it turns into "mustard seed" which is how my doctor described it. I get a funny feeling now when I put mustard on anything.

  4. Oh, congratulations!!! It really is so fabulous, isn't it?

    (Except pumping. Ain't nothin' fabulous about pumping. Ugh.)

  5. First time stopping by in a bit...was waiting to see what would be...YAY! comes all the fun stuff...

    Luck to you all, and rest when you can...

  6. TQ: Thanks! Glad to be back! And I've heard of the Mustard Poop, and my hamburgers may never be the same...
    VL: Actually, it was my wife who caught the phrase "Bodacious Ta-Ta's" from one of our nurses. I'm glad that the breast-milk mess is more pleasant than formula mess -- one more reason to go natural!
    CKHB: Thank you muchly, but yeah, pumping is not glamourous. No portraits of that at the Baby Boutiques
    Tamara: Welcome back! I know, life happens, especially at back-to-school time.

  7. seriously laughing at the mustard comment Adam....

    Just popped over will to tell you how much fun it has been having you hanging out at my bloggy spot. a few more guys ... definitely needed! I love my lady blogger friends, but have always been a guys gal make sense?

    Congrats on the girly. As you know we have four kids. I love how your heart explodes and your life changes and you are so miserably tired you feel as though you are losing it and you are (which is why the phone is in the fridge and the milk is on the desk) but it is worth it because you have a DNA miracle.

    I agree - our date tonight needs some music, it isn't hubby's deal tough- we compromise that way ;)