Monday, September 7, 2009

Mat Leave Is Not Vacation

I sat down last night to write, and here's how it started:
“Alright, it's about 8:30 on Sunday night, and I need another post to meet my four-a-week goal. I know, sounds promising, eh?: Intro to Filler.”
And filler it was, a bunch of unfocused rambling. So I decided to back-burner it and see if I could save it from itself.

On Friday (09/04), my wife began her Maternity Leave, Damned exciting! It was the night of the full moon too! If you're not into the Esotoric, the full moon represents just what it looks like: a belly full of new life (or 'fertility' in the general sense) I'm not off until the day before inducing, so on that day, we're looking for stuff to do to enjoy our last day of unencumberedness. (Shakespeare made up words too!) We're thinking of dinner & movie, perhaps we'll see of we're as bold as Adam at Throwing Quarters and try sneaking in! Maybe take the dog up to our friend's RV park for a swim; Nothing like sharing a car with wet dog & a pregnant woman's Super-Sniffer!

Andrea was worried that she'd be bored, with three weeks off before labor. Then we lost a week, and Bored simply isn't on the schedule! There's the last of the Nesting, and cooking. Clever girl that she is, she spent much of yesterday cooking, and filling the freezer so when we come home with Baby Burke, she won't have to worry about dinners. But, ambitious girl that she is, she was sure she could make a weeks worth of dinners on a Sunday afternoon. I got home from work about 4:45, and she was absolutely spent, and yet, still going! It was remarkable, and a little frightening! I said 'Is there anything I can do?' She said 'Yeah, make dinner!' No problem, she had enough 'sides' left over from her marathon, I just had to defrost & BBQ, and finish what she was doing with Freezer Shepherd's Pie. (In two weeks, we'll eat like royalty!)

Point being, she's tickled pink to be off work now, but I'll bet she misses it, maybe shortly after the commute looks less treacherous; in about seven months!

I'd like to welcome my buddy Ben, the Concious Ignorance poster. He's a philosophy student I know from work, and a damn pleasure to talk to! He's certainly not like other philosophy students I've known, as in he's not all up-his-own-ass with how clever he is. We got to talking about dream interpretation today, and he argued that it's too subjective, and if the interpreter's not the dreamer, then they're too likely to project their own thoughts & perceptions onto the dream. But he concluded that “Interpreting dreams gets you thinking, and anything that gets you thinking is good.” Amen Brother!


  1. yes, i definately think you should take her to a movie...and not'll be's high school all over again...

    anyway, sorry i was away for a while...i unplugged for the long weekend...thanks for checking in...
    wife is being enduced wednesday, so we'll see what happens

  2. thanks for checking out the podcast.

    i think i have hit my stride. i have been working on a HUGE podcast in a few weeks. it's going to be great.

    anyway, tomorrow is our big day it seems! hope all is well with you have the wife.