Monday, August 2, 2010

We Deviated...

Last time I posted, I was bragging away about our turbo, warrior-like will power. That was about 26 hours before we deviated (it's nicer to say than “Failed”). In the end, it was the monotony that got to us. When we eventually got a different element added to our diet, it would grow tired fast. For example, when I last posted, it was Beef day, and immediately after putting it up, I went outside (at about 10:10 AM) and Bar-b-qed up some un-garnished steak. It was the most delightful meal I'd had in ages, but by that night, we were pretty tired of beef.

By Saturday afternoon, we broke down, split a chocolate chip muffin, and finished off some semi-stale Doritos. Yummers. That night for dinner, we had Thai Coconut Chicken (it was from a mix by Knorr, or Club House. I'm a big fan of credit-where-credit-is-due, but I'm not gonna dig through the garbage for it).

Yesterday, however, I brought leftover beef & vegetables to work for munching, and only got a granola bar from the vending machine, as opposed to a few butter tarts, chocolate bars, and/or muffins. This morning, we had a grapefruit for breakfast. I'm hoping to carry-on this trend of better eating, because I'm pretty darn sick of the lethargy that often weighs me down. I mean, I'll be pretty damn gung-ho at work, but on my own time, I gotta psych myself into any physical activity. If I mow the lawn, or walk the dog (either can take about an hour), I feel like I dragged a car for three blocks; Pathetic!

Another consideration is that Calli was born when I was 35, meaning that our first child will start school when I'm 40. That's pretty darn sobering, and I'd like to be healthy enough to enjoy my kids in good health.

Thank God I've got this space to make me accountable, putting it out there like this makes me more likely to follow-through on this! It sure helped with my writing; I'm not at 1000 words a day, but I'm almost daily! I know that the word-count isn't as important as the daily practice, but it's better to shoot for the moon and hit a tree, than to shoot for a tree and hit a rock.


  1. Moderation is better than the restrictive diets.. you can still have the muffin but splitting with your wife was the smart thing... go for it. If I can anyone can.

  2. If it's not a diet you can live with every day, then you'll never stick to it. Just cutting out a few items will make a big difference.
    You know, I can't even remember the last time I ate anything out of a vending machine. Or ate fast food for that matter.

  3. Just cut down a little makes mores sense that starting a whole new way of eating, cut a few things down and soon you WILL notice the difference. I really don't believe in diets.
    Best of luck

  4. Yaay! Thanks for caving just a bit-- doesn't make me so bad. Was a Tim Horton chocolate chip muffin? MMmmmm! Love those things! If Tim Horton had shops in Los Angeles area I'd go. Even if wasn't Tim Horton, chocolate chip muffins are pretty rad.

    I was 38 when my youngest daughter was born. I think all those kids keep you younger and then all of a sudden they're all grown and gone and starting to have their own kids-- then that's when it really starts getting sobering.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Urgh! Will, sorry to hear about diet challenges! Having them myself, and my plan sounds infinitely more sane than yours (in theory, I'm following weight watchers, which is less PRESCRIPTIVE but at least I can have this or that deviation and get back on track... though not Chinese food for dinner on a day I am also planning cocktails, which is irking me at the moment, as I don't have to work tomorrow and want a couple cocktails...

    Good luck finding something that works! If you want the framework for WW, just give a shout (I actually love the flexibility of it when my brain has not been infected by self-pity or summer vacation)

  6. Drinking a Slimfast. Wish I had a chocolate chip muffin now.

  7. Liked the whole muse/post, but this-

    "better to shoot for the moon and hit a tree, than to shoot for a tree and hit a rock"

    LOL, yuup.

  8. A thousand words a day is like three pages. That's almost 100 pages a month. Not too shabby of a goal.

    Stephen Tremp

  9. Just eating healthier is better anyways. That diet, I would have to agree the food gets tiring by the end of the day. But its good to hear your continuing on. Thats something I have to do when I get home.

  10. Hey I'm RIGHT THERE WITH ya. My downfall last week was a deep-fried cheese stick. Back on the wagon (if I can get my arse up into it) ;-) I'm following you--I like your blog!