Sunday, August 22, 2010

Born a Ramblin' Man...

Thank you all for the well-wishes on my first Blogaversary. I'm still having a lot of fun with it, and will carry on as long as I have an Internet connection and at least one finger to type with.

Speaking of fun things I do with my fingers, last Sunday I did something I haven't done in WAY too long. You may remember me writing about going to see the local metal band Breach & Entry, who have since disbanded. Shit happens, eh? Being in a band can be a lot like a romantic relationship, making it subject to all the volatility that entails. Anyhoo, I work with the vocalist, and we decided to get together for a little jam. Nothing serious, just showing each other what songs we know, but it was good times all around. We're not establishing a band, but who knows what the future will bring, eh? It would be pretty sweet though if I was the first person to grace the covers of Writer's Digest and Bass Player in the same month :)

At work, we did our inventory last night. I got home at 11:20, bragging about how our store manager made us a steak-and-roast-potato dinner. Never one to be out-done, Andrea told me that Calli had taken three steps without support. “Oh! Oh, WOW!” Our little girl's growing up so fast! Well, she is 11 months, it is about time, but as much as we're encouraging her, we're trying to let her develop at her own pace. I think that it's gonna be a life-long struggle to encourage her growth while giving her the space to do it in her own tempo. Neither of us are terribly patient, either, but we're both pretty clever.

Dammit, why didn't Andrea brew-up a manual to go with this child? Well, she's pretty healthy and happy so far, and she hasn't choked on a clump of dog hair yet, so we can't be doing too badly. I'm confident enough when I'm actively parenting, it's just when I step away for a minute that I start fretting. Is this common among parents?

Stay tuned Tuesday for the Rainy Day Blogfest, where fiction that features (wait for it...) rain will be posted by some mighty talented writers. If you'd care to get involved, stop by and see Christine's site, The Writer's Hole.


  1. She hasn't choked on a clump of dog hair yet? Now that's quite an accomplishment.
    Cool about the jam session. Let us know if it develops into something more.

  2. Loved to know you had a interest in music, also your daughter taking her first steps a very important milestone.
    Look forward to Tuesday.

    Take care.

  3. Being a parent is rough work- I know I have two girls 9 and 6, and when they go to their dads for the weekends or over the summer I'm always questioning what I have done with them and looking at what I could change to make it work better, or be there more and on and on...thing is do what you feel is right in the moment and never lose sight of protecting them, you have to make hard decisions later, and right now, what your child learns is what is taken with into toddler, pre teen, teenager, and finally adult hood. So be patient, always look for whats best for the child, and direct their path instead of second guessing everything, it will be easier that way :) best of luck!

  4. Choke on dog hair... lol..

    I'm at the point where I hope there are no surprise pregnancies and drug overdoses.. not really my girls are great kids with level heads. I think they are really someone elses but I love them and not trading them back.

    Congrats on the three now ends as you know it. Would love to see an updated picture. :)

    You care and thats 99% of parenting xx

  5. I so wished those bundles of joy arrived with a Dummies guide! Try to enjoy it; Two and teens will test your will! I think the best we can do is when we discover their talents is to try to build their passion, guide them to grow up and do what they love.

    Walking is so exciting and exhausting. My kids
    did it different, one was 7 months the other 11 months. The ll month walker, talked early...bottom line we learn to walk n' talk on our time! enJOY your special girl and yes, fretting is part of it. It keeps us emotional attached for life! When I was pregnant Dr told me I didn't have an ulcer, I was pregnant. The
    heartburn will last for 18 yrs. He was wrong it lasts a lifetime! Take Care~

  6. Won't be long before she's climbing up on things. Hope you house is baby-proofed. If you can imagine it, kids will probably do it. Have a great week.

    Stephen Tremp

  7. Hi Will .. if you're born a ramblin-man .. Calli is following suit! Great that she's up and about - or is it .. all part of life I guess - hey Dad?

    Enjoy her .. stock take over ... enjoy the jamming and generally love life - which you do .. Happy week - Hilary

  8. I agree with Stephen - hope the house is baby-proofed!

  9. It's perfectly normal to question your parenting. I do it all the time. Okay, probably for good reason since I'm not exactly mother of the year or anything and use the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to parenting, so you know.

    The clump of dog hair thing cracked me up and the jam session thing is way too cool!

  10. This band stuff sounds super dreamy!!! Hope it works out. Please alert me when the Rolling Stone cover comes out...

  11. Found your blog through Hilary. Many people say they wonder why babies are not born with instruction manuals. One perspective is they trigger wake-up calls in the parents' minds to remember and access wisdom they already know but temporarily forget. Babies are teachers.

  12. haha yeah I think thats normal for parents. But CONGRATS!!! The first steps! Thats awesome. They really do grow up too fast. Inventory was eventful, haha. Unfortunatly we didn't get off early like in February, but man was dinner good.