Friday, July 30, 2010


There are some Blogs that talk about food. Some devote a day a week about an interesting thing they conjure-up, some post their week's meal plan, and some just sporadicly put up recipes when they come across them.

I've only done one food post (that I recall) about Andrea's Birthday dinner. There's a reason I don't talk about it a lot. While I was fortunate to marry a fabulous cook, that usually covers only one meal a day. While I'm at work, I usually live out of the vending machines. A little embarrassing, but there it is.

That changed this week. Have you ever heard of the cabbage soup diet? It's kinda like a week-long detoxing program. Along with this really awful cabbage & tomato soup (that we're not bothering with this time), you have:

Day 1: Fruits
Day 2 : Vegetables
Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables
Day 4: Bananas & Milk
Day 5: Beef & Tomatoes
Day 6: Beef & Vegetables
Day 7: Brown Rice, Vegetables & unsweetened fruit juice.

On Day 4, I loved the milk, since it's the closest thing to a carb I've had in days (on telling my wife this, I was informed that root veggies are also carbs, but I had the association of breads, and all that rich, heavy loveliness that I thrive on). I weighed myself yesterday morning and found that I'd lost 8 pounds (for the first time in too many years, I'm under 200 lbs). Now, I'm a little more tolerant of the deprivations!

Yesterday was the worst; my sugar-withdrawals had peaked! I was crabby as hell all day (and customers were crabby too, which led to a minor altrication. By the time it got to a supervisor, it got blown way out of proportion, and I got as talking-to.) I guess that there was plenty of toxicity to be purged from my system, eh?

Now, we're on beef day, and we'll be grilling steaks before noon – Heavenly! We're also trading tomatoes for grapefruit, since the acidity is about the same.

So here's hoping we make it before losing our discipline, or our minds. Oddly, I was something of a ditz yesterday; I had a hard time finding the words I wanted, with a whole lot of “ know, that thing...” Yeah, I was a barrel of laughs, and insightful...

Naturally, every food commercial I see makes me want to run to a supermarket or drive-through, but so far, I'm pretty pleased with the results, so hopefully, I can stick to a healthier diet. There will be more lee-way than I'm currently allowing, but not the over-indulgence I usually do. I'll have to adopt the Parent's Mantra here: “We'll see...”


  1. Haha! Good luck with that! Oh, you poor thing. I know the feeling ...

  2. You can do it! We eat rather healthy in our household. Not to that extreme, but certain foods never enter our pantry.

  3. Good luck Will, have you the will power?(forgive the pun) Seriously I gope you succeed

  4. Oh my..not sure I could survive it. I am on a diet but restricting everything would make me fail.

    good luck.

  5. Cabbage and tomato soup sounds... disgusting lol. Good luck!

  6. Congratulations on the eight pounds, and on avoiding the Soup of Doom.

  7. Congrats on your weight loss thus far and wishing you continued success Will

  8. ah ok now that makes sense about what you said today. I have done that diet before but unfortunatly I don't care much for veggies for breakfast and like u I would become very crabby.

    Good luck

  9. A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour. ............................................................

  10. You have got some uber willpower dude....I never would make it through the first morning.

  11. Good Luck, I think as a jumpstart, terrific, but don't do it any longer. You will lose muscle mass, which helps keep the metabolic rate up!

    Congrats on your weight loss and courage!

  12. Congrats on the weight loss, Dude!! I LOVE, LOVE detoxing and I try to do it every six months. Of course, right now stress is helping me lose weight.

  13. Uh, this sounds rather limiting. Where's the pizza? And what about cookies and ice cream? And no bacon? I don't think I'd have the "will power" for this diet. I need a little more "Lee way".

    Tossing It Out

  14. Go for it! I'd never heard of this detox diet before. I've done a brown rice fast before ... you eat nothing but brown rice for a week. You can have a little soy sauce on it for flavor, but nothing else but water. Really cleans out the colon nicely.

  15. That's rough! Then again, I'm a total vegan, so I don't eat most of the bad stuff anyway.

  16. LOL! Been there. Doing the ,"Um ... yeah" thing. Sounding like Beavis and Butthead. Laughing is also part of like day five. But a detox is worth it. You'll feel better and think clearer.

    Stephen Tremp