Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anyone up for another?

Well, last night kinda sucked. Well, mostly, it was fine, and parts of it were even great ;). The bad part was writing a post while trying to do a Disc Clean-up. Sounds pretty simple, right? Until I tell you that my computer is older than dirt. Really, the monitor has a third dimension. I keep a book within reach so I don't get bored while it's doing it's thing – no shit.

I want to thank you all for your feedback on my fiction, it was truly heart-warming! And inspiring; It's made me really eager to park my arse and carry on with this WiP. All of you were really kind, and there was no shortage of constructive critique. For the record, the “wax loftily...” line was meant to be a little sarcastic. I would have laid it on a little thicker if there wasn't a word-count to consider.

Some of the participants said that they weren't inclined to post portions of their Work in Progress on the Internet, and I can understand that. Giving milk and selling cows, and all that. I thought I would post from my own WiP because if I'm gonna participate and spend time writing, I should leverage that time investment to get my novel a little closer to done. I hate to admit it, but I've been sitting on this for years, and it's about time I put in the time to get the ball rolling!

Some of you were wondering if I was going to post some more of this. Well, let me tell you about the next Blogfest I'm participating in. Christine at The Writer's Hole is hosting a “Rainy Day Blogfest”on August 25.

I have three threads through the story: The Aristocracy (illustrated last Saturday), a pair of draft dodgers, and a spy. On the 25th, I'll introduce the draft dodgers.
Thanks again, and I'll talk to ya soon!


  1. I'm really glad everyone could help motivate you! I bet you'll have a great snippet to post for that blogfest. Good luck, I wont be able to enter that one. Too much to do before college classes start

  2. You really ought to give it a try at least, one never knows what onc can achieve until you have tried,
    Good luck may see you on the best sellers shelf I rephrase that I WILL see you on the best sellers shelf.

  3. Hi Will .. techie things can be so frustrating! so often the net is instant & when it isn't .. oh oh .. pain sets in! Twiddling thumbs comes to mind .. let alone reading a book .. I go off and do something else to find the screen holds a question I need to answer & so another xx minutes go by ..

    So pleased the WiP is going well and that you'll be enjoying another blogfest soon .. have fun and less frustration for a while ahead .. Hilary

  4. You're braver than I! And sounds like it's time for a computer upgrade.

  5. I'm pleased you're motivated.

    Good luck! from Boonsong

  6. Your three-strand set of characters sounds very promising! I'm glad you got good feedback, and I don't think there are problems posting scenes on line, provided it isn't too many consecutive parts, and I would maybe then REMOVE them after a few weeks, so you don't have too much at any given point available. It is good to get the feedback.

  7. Glad to see you're motivated. Its fun to follow others in Blogdom and see what they're doing and challenges they face and overcome.

    Stephen Tremp

  8. Keep it up buddy! Sorry I haven't commented much, been uber busy!