Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End Is Near

Shortly after getting up today, I realized that it's been a week since I've posted. I've noticed that before; after a Blogfest, I seem to take a bit of a breather. Not that they take a lot out of me, but I guess that all the reading involved afterwards, and the subsequent Following (and being Followed – thank you kindly!) is more time-consuming.

If I'm not posting, odds are that I've gotten caught-up in Life Happens. Nothing extraordinary, nothing tragic, just the day-to-day stuff. This week, however, there's been a bit of a cloud hanging over the house. Next week, after Labour Day, my sweet wife is going back to work. By Gar, it's been a year already! And boy-howdy, is she ever excited about it! If you've got a moment, I can lay it on even thicker.

In preparation, we've been leaving Calli with the 'sitter for half-days on Thursdays. We figure that an acclimatization period was wise, so it isn't such a shock to her system when it becomes three days a week (Gramma takes her on Mondays, and I have Tuesdays off). All was going well, until Thursday night (about 1:30 AM), she woke up in a tizzy. Then, again on Friday night, another nocturnal tantrum. Either she's getting separation anxiety, or the new teeth coming in are giving her grief. Sadly, her language skills aren't up to giving us a clear answer on the trouble that wakes her. On Saturday, we had the 'sitter and her family over for a BarBQ, because it would help Calli to get used to them, and they're just good people, and fun to spend an afternoon with. The day of cleaning and yard work was nearly enough to put me to sleep right there at the grill, but it's all worth it to flex our hospitality muscles and enjoy friendly company.

Has anyone out there had to start daycare for a 1-year-old? Can you enlighten me as to what kind of distress we're in for? I'm aware that kids are a lot more resilient than we tend to give them credit for, but I'm wondering what kind of misery our house has in store.


  1. actually the hardest part is when they cry when you go to leave, those big crockodile tears always got to me, and my youngest did it up till about 4yrs old. She hated me leaving her, but the good news is they get used to it quickly which means its easier if you just walk away rather then trying to soothe the child, usually the daycare person will entertain their brains while you run away (sometimes literally to keep from crying yourself) and since your child is so young, then her attention span is less than a minute per thing she remembers, so it will be easy to distract her for now, later it wont be.

  2. I didn't have that problem as I didn't return to work until the children were at school, But friends of mine used to have problems with the tantrums and bad dreams also bed wetting. But parents I find worry more than the children. Parents can't be with a child 24/7 there may be an emergency, Mu youngest son was always in and out of hospital and his elder brother got jealous of the time I spent at the hospital but luckily that didn't last for long. It's hard being a parent but I think it's a dammed sight harder being a child.

    Hope all goes well things have a habit of turning out for the best and you seem to be slowly adapting your daughter for the change in her life.

  3. Oh, no. I did it with my daughter at about that age and she was a trooper. She is super social, so I think she was happy to hop right in and play with the other kids at the center.
    But that was at a place with a few kids. Maybe pack a few things for the sitters house that will remind her of home?
    Things she won't miss, of course, but will give her something familiar in an otherwise foreign environment.
    Good luck!

  4. You've got a lot on your plate, but you'll be OK.

    All the best, Boonie

  5. Hi Will ... 'fraid I have no experience at all .. can only wish you both well & some good sleeps in between ..

    Good to put the barbq on .. so everyone meets up and feels more at home ..

    Don't have an anxiety attack .. all will be well all round .. and Calli will be just fine .. happy days .. Hilary

  6. I never had the luxery of being off that long, though with my son (32)--my HUBBY did (or rather his earning potential was not equal to child care for 2 so we opted for it) but when my first was a baby, my sister-in-law watched her twice a week--she was a little mad at me about it, but she spent the day with two cousins, which she really liked.--does the sitter have any other kids around? That can definitely help, as kids LOVE kids (especially slightly older kids who seem willing to entertain them a little).

    It may just take a little while to work itself out, Will. Whatever you do, know it will pass, and you aren't scarring her for life. She just needs to work through it. You may be sleep deprived for a few weeks until she adjusts, and then it should be okay.

  7. that (32) should be 2nd. Apparently my fingers have been possessed.

  8. We home school our kids, so from that stand point, we've never had to deal with the entire daycare thing. Once a week, my wife teaches at a Learning Center, and when the kids were younger, Grandma would have them. The only other experience we've had with the "daycare" world, is when we drop our kids off in the nursery at church.

    Sadly, the second we open the door, each of our 4 kids would run for their favorite toys or whatever and never look back twice. Sometimes I think it would have been nice if they cried a bit at seeing us go. Almost seems they wanted a break from us as much as we did from them.

    Thankfully, they also always loved to jump in our arms when we picked them up....except our youngest boy: Seems those toy trucks have a special place in his heart that trumps mom and dad. :)

  9. She will adapt; Children are more resilient, than we are! It will take some tweaking..teething does
    change a child's personality. I agree if there are other children involved the transition will be easier!

    oooh, you have 77 followers...another cause to celebrate! Love the 7's~

    Be patient with her and yourselves; it is an adjustment period~ Take Care

  10. Our kids adjust to just about any environment as long as there are other kids, activities, and arts and crafts. Mom who? Dad who?

    Stephen Tremp

  11. So you drop your kid off, and the first thing they do is cry. That is bloody horrible. But, it is us parents that suffer more. I cried my eyes out the first time I dropped my daughter off, but when I went to pick her up, she was buzzing with all the things she had done.

    As long as they are in a routine and know what is happening, they feel safe and secure. Go for it!

  12. it's been a looong time since I've had to deal with daycare but it was as you say the kids adapt very quickly. It's the parents who struggle. I hope your wife enjoys her first week back at work...