Friday, January 22, 2010

Practice-run at Father Of The Year

It looks like I won’t be getting my Father Of The Year award this year. It seems I blew it before the end of January, but hey, it’s my first stab at it, so better luck next year.

I was out of the running the other night, when I tried to put Calli in her swinging chair. All was well, until I put the tray down, and pinched her finger. For an hour, I felt like a sack of shit, and though I’m sure she forgot it pretty quickly, I haven’t. There was even a little red mark – horror of horrors! My baby’s been blemished! And believe you me, there was a very different pitch to her cry than the standard ‘hungry’ or ‘fussy-for-the-hell-of-it’ whimperings! I understand it happens to every parent, but why oh why can’t I do all my learning from books? I should be able to make a deal with the Powers That Be that it’s my fingers getting pinched! Then, I’ll know where the danger is, and Calli can tra-la-la through life, with nary a scrape or blister!

When I told my mom about this, she remembered that when I was a wee scamp, I got a finger caught in the chain of an excer-cycle. The wheel only went one way. That’s it; no work-out equipment in my home! For the children! (Am I that transparent?)

Then today, she got her 4-month shots. She was an admirable trooper through the first one, like “OK, shit happens, and you get one free pass.” The second one brought a much different response. I’m sure the whole office heard, and she looked like her head had been swapped with a very shrill tomato! She got her mileage out of it too, and fussed until we got home, and Andrea could present her…lunch. I get it, they cheer my up too!


  1. In my eyes you still win father of the year! It will not be the pinch of a finger that she remembers but all the times you held her tight when she needed you. She won't even remember the feedings and diaper changes and late nights but I will and I will remind her of them when she thinks dad is "old and doesn't know anything". Love you Babe

  2. Ah its nothing to worry about. Babies are like puppies they forgive and forget right after it happens. I know what you mean tho, I accidentally made my nephew cry when he was a baby, and so it was about a week before I would even try to hold him again. But it gets easier, with my new baby newphew I am a pro! Like you said, Shit happens, but she will still be daddy's girl.

  3. Okay, the lunch thing cracked me up!!

    Did you give Miss Callie Tylenol before you went to get her shots? If not, do it next time. It helps with the fussiness.

    She won't remember the finger or the many other things you'll do to her that will make you feel like shit (and there will be thousands and, if you're like me, you never get over the guilt, but when she's being hormornal and insane, you'll feel a little less bad).

  4. I do understand your sadness but you have only started. I lose the mother of the year award daily... I can't win when it comes to my teen.

    That you care so much makes you a great dad in my book.

    "I get it, they cheer my up too!" You are a funny guy..

  5. Andi -- Thanks Babe! You're always a well of patience when our little delight turns into a squirming, shrieking thing! Rest assured, she'll hear about that too!
    Belbin- -- It can be hard to jump back into, eh? Thanks, I'm sure she forgot before I did.
    Candance -- We did get her the Tylonol before she got the shots, Dr's recomendation!
    Vodka Logic -- Glad you & Candance liked the "lunch" line! True story. I'm sure that I'll always look back and call the previous stage 'the easy part.' :P

  6. Yep, I remember the first time I caught my daughter's finger in a 5-point harness. Wait until the first head injury...

    (DO NOT put beloved toy on stroller handle when child is not strapped into stroller. Reach, overbalance, BONK, bad mama.)

  7. I remember MiniMac's first shots too...the first one he seemed only slightly perturbed. The second..oh boy. Your tomato comment made me laugh out loud. SO true.

  8. Necessity is the mother of invention..........................