Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Night of the Living Deaf

Today, I sat with Calli in her nursery, having a quiet feeding. We were upstairs because Andrea was napping in the living room. As she gripped my finger and dozed, I just relished the sweet peacefulness of the scene, made all the sweeter because of the terrible evenings she's been giving me.

For some reason, in the window between six & seven PM, she transforms into some strange shrieking beast! So I pat her back until she burps or spits-up, or both, and she continues to freak the eff out! Often, she's just fussy until about 8 when Andrea goes up for a bath, then it's full-on banshee action!

Are you picking-up on the frustration, here? I'm told that I shouldn't take it personally, and I mentally don't, but when she's making my ears buzz from overload (really, that's not a poetic statement, they really buzz like an overloaded speaker!), I begin to think that she hates me!

Thank God she's just a delight for the rest of the day! I know that these thoughts are totally unreasonable, and that they'll all be forgotten when she takes her first steps, or says “Daddy.” But on these evenings, I need to hide sharp objects, or I'll unload my gun, so to speak.

Andrea: “How was she last night?”
Me: “Great, when she found out that she'd be an only child. Could you grab me a coffee? I should keep these frozen peas where they are.”

Of course, I'm just venting. For most of the day, she's great. Even when she's fussy, it doesn't get to that tragedy-pitch very often. Some believe that babies pick up on their parents stress. In that case, I can blame some others, outside my home, for their harassment campaign giving me grief! GET A NEW HOBBY, PH'KHOLS!

Well, that feels better to get that off my chest! Can I assume that it gets worse with teething?


  1. Ah I know the feeling of frustration very well. Its good to rant, it gets everything out there and helps you think.

    Babies with be Babies. And apparently it wasn't just Calli that was fusy that night, my brother was up all night with his son. You doing a great job, Calli is very lucky to have you guys for parents

  2. Oh, Will Burke. Teething, terrible 2's, pre-teen hormones. I used to wish to God Grace wouldn't cry every time I got out of her eye shot when she was a baby and I thought it was all going to be so much better once she got a little older and had words. I was wrong. So wrong.

  3. One daughter was a breeze the other hit terrible twos and is still in them 13 years later.. it's always something. Rationalizing gets easier-ish