Wednesday, January 6, 2010

House of 1000 Sniffles

I had heard nasty stories of colds that spread through the whole house, and now we’re there. It started with Calli, and I’ll tell ya, it’s pretty scary to have a coughing 3-month-old! At one point, she couldn’t seem to catch her breath, so Andrea took her into the bathroom and ran the shower to steam it up. It seemed to do the trick! We’ve been running the humidifier non-stop since.

Then Andrea caught it, and on Monday, as soon as I got to work, it caught up to me. I know, it sounds suspicious, but that’s how it happened. Being home gave my the chance to finish-off a book I’ve been slogging through for about two months: Sarum by Edward Furguson. Great book, but at 1033 pages, it was only a point of pride that kept my troopering-on through it!

Today, we finally got into the doctor, and apparently, there’s nothing to do that we aren’t already doing. We were concerned that it might get into her sinuses, since her feeding is all suction-based, and we didn’t want her to go hungry. Turns out, her sinuses won’t congest, because they haven’t developed yet. Well, someone had their clever-pants on when they designed babies that way!

We also found out that she’s two feet tall now! Yup, she gets the Gangly gene from her dad! As Andrea said, “three more feet, and she will have caught up to me.” I said that by next summer, she’ll be half as tall as her mom. I’m the only one who found that funny.

Tonight, we got the chance to carry-on a long standing father-child tradition. Calli pulled my finger, and I obliged. In 10 years, she will be afraid to bring friends home!


  1. Yeah I know, my brother just filled me in on that little bit of interesting facts about babies. That and they can swim! But apparently lose the skill.

    Haha, a father-daughter relationship is always special. She won't be embarrased, you will be the main attraction.

  2. Clever-pants.. that's cute. And all this time I never knew babes didn't have sinus', too late now I suppose, my daughters have all kinds of things I didn't know they'd get, like C cups... lol.

    did you see I have an award for you on my blog :)