Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Oil-Dipping!

Let me just start by saying, we did the same thing for New Years that we do every year, and it was GREAT!

We had our traditional Fondue Party, and I’ve been bragging about it for about two weeks. Seems that it’s coming back into vogue, ‘cause a lot of people said that they were doing the same thing over the holidays, but most of them did it Christmas Eve.

We had the three-pot version: oil, cheese, then chocolate for dessert. And of course, wine & beer. OK, I was the only one drinking beer, but I find it easier to find a nice coasting-glow that way, and not bottom-out too early. Another benefit of this was having cold beer available for Dr. Pepper shots! (Evenly mix beer & coke in a glass, “Bomb” (drop a shooter of) Amaretto, and enjoy!) At least two guests don’t remember much after this point.

If you haven’t tried a fondue dinner, it comes highly recommended by most who have! It’s just such a relaxed, casual way to dine, and usually drawn-out over a couple hours. There is one draw-back though: prep & clean-up can be a brief career! Andrea and our friend Michelle spent a lot of NYEve cutting meat & veggies, and other chores. I spent over two hour the next morning puttering in the kitchen to put it back together. Even with a dishwasher, I had to do about four loads. I was about done by the time she got up, but I yelled “Thank God you’re up! That kitchen really needs some TLC!” She knew I was bluffing, but at least I still laughed!

As for resolutions: WRITE MORE! Getting that NetBook was a huge help, I got 1000+ words done yesterday, without leaving the main floor! Again, just puttering. Thanks again, Baby! My wife’s the Most Bestest Ever. I think I’ll keep her!

Hope you all had a great New Years! Anyone still suffering?


  1. Sounds fun, I found a fondu pot cleaning out a closet a month ago and thought it would be fun to use.

    It was my mil's so it is an original. I suppose with a party you would want more than one.

  2. Fodue parties are amazing. sounds like a blast?!

  3. Still gonna try some fondu..Come visit I have an award for you :)