Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Lists of Eight

Laura over at Vodka Logic tagged me to play Lucky Chinese Tag. I think it’s Chinese because eight is one of their lucky numbers, though I’m not certain of that. Feel free to correct me if I’m talking out my ignorance. Like VL, I’m also a little dry on ideas right now, winter blahs and holiday fatigue, I s’pose.
So here’s my lists of eight:

Eight TV Shows I Watch:
NCIS. Great characters, great writing!
Bones. Ditto
Ancient Discoveries. Looking for hints as to what was going on before our recorded history. I mean, we have a multi-billion year old planet, and about 7000 years of recorded history, doesn’t this bother anyone else?
Clone Wars, when I can find it.
The Daily Show. Jon Stewart is freakin’ hilarious!
The Cobert Report. J Stewart’s shadow-self.
Simpsons. Naturally
Family Guy. And Seth McFarlands other shows, but I’m out of space.

Eight Favorite Places to Eat & Drink
At home. I’m a bit of a hermit, and my wife works magic in the kitchen!
Celeihd’s (now closed) Live Music, and bitchin’ curry-pineapple wings & mushroom caps!
Wild Wings. Spotting a trend?
Furusato Sushi. A little pricey, but they’ve spoiled me!
Royal Thai. They’ve spoiled me for Pad Thai!
Dominoes Pizza. Hard to find pizza that doesn’t cheap-out on the feta!
Licks Burgers. Fast food set-up, but almost as good as a pub burger.
Looking for a good Indian Food place.

Eight Things I look Forward To
Date Nights
Calli having a 7:30 bedtime, so Andrea & I can get re-acquainted
Days off/free time
Getting paid to write
A bigger house
Having friends over for dinner
New podcasts from “I Should Be Writing”
All our kids being toilet trained

Eight Things that Happened Yesterday
Got a new dining room set.
Drove a large van for the first time. Scary/Wheee!
Took care of Calli as Andrea re-organized the kitchen.
Visited with Paul, who was kind enough to help me move this furniture.
Checked out the burger/pizza/etc place across the street. Not bad, but not Top Eight.
Chatted with a buddy in Vancouver that I used to play in a metal band with.
Found out that our former singer has had twins, and the drummer is singing opera.
Figuratively shat my pants about a metal drummer singing opera.

Eight things I Love About Winter
More comfortable to wear jeans and collared shirts.
New Years.
It’s pretty, on this side of the window.
It’s especially pretty in around my parent’s rural area.
It’s fun when my little car fish-tails, providing there’s no one close enough to hit.
Everyone’s complaining about the same thing!
Every day of winter is one less day of winter.

Eight Things on my Wish List
Financial independence
Korn Reunion, with or without Brian “Head” Welch
The Tea Party Reunion. The Band, not the political movement.
I hope we’re both there for Calli’s first word. Nng-Ga doesn’t count.
Nine Inch Nails playing my Birthday Party.
Sell more books than Dan Brown. That’s not a dis, just ambition.
Find the CD’s I lost.
Time to play bass & guitar.

Eight Things I am Passionate About.
My Wife.
My Little Girl.
The rest of my family.
Belief Systems, especially the Esoteric.
Being open to learn from all interactions.

Eight Words I Often Use
Swinehound (pronounced “Svine-hoont.” All the best cursing is in German or Klingon. Japanese is good too, if you want to include a few generations on either side of the person being cursed).

Eight Things I Learned from the Past
It’s better to ask a stupid question than to make a stupid mistake, especially at the pharmacy.
That sweet black Mustang is a ghost car. Police, not haunted.
Attractive people can be shy too.
The truth of a story aren’t as important as it’s effect on the listener.
Don’t run in the dark.
Don’t go into a new social setting trying to prove how much I know.
Revolutions morph into the same-old-same-old.
If someone looks Bad-Assed, they’re probably really nice.

Eight Things I Want/Need.
Recording Equipment.
“Jedi” to be a recognized religion.
An On-Suite with a Starbucks
A cottage on a small island.

Eight People I Want to Tag.
Bethany at All In The Mind of Belbin
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Adam at Throwing Quarters
Just Jules
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  1. i love the past tense use of the work shit. awesome!

  2. "All our kids being toilet trained" since that implies more than one.. you have a long way to go. :)

    Apparently we have a couple of things in common. We must do sushi together sometime. I had the most divine meal the other night.

  3. oh lordy lordy I don't know I can focus enough to have 8 of 9 but I will try to give it a go!

  4. TQ Let's hear it for Raging Optimism!
    VL Sounds good! I missed sushi when Andrea was expecting, and had to re-learn to respect the wasabi
    JJ No worries, do or don't, it's all good!