Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vanity & Jitters

Currently listening to: Prince “Ultimate” One of the half-dozen 'Hits' compilations of his, but this one came with a 2nd disc of re-mixes.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned Mur Lafferty's site, and sent her a corresponding email. Partly a courtesy 'heads up' that I was referring to her, part fan-mail, and part publicity for my Blog. Then I thought “What was I thinking?” Maybe I should practice this under-the-radar so when the attention comes, I'll be bringing my A Game to the table. Plus, I'm just getting used to the technology; and somehow, I listed myself as a follower of my Blog. “Wow! This is Super! I can't wait to see what I come up with next!” Yup, I'm that vain. Seriously, I hope that it shows that I'm enjoying this, and I hope I'm sharing some laughs, but who, outside of my social circle, really cared to be introduced to my dog? But dog-baby relations really is a valid concern. Now I'm just prattling.

On the parenting front, the jitters are starting to set in, and it will only get worse. We're at 4 weeks, 4 days, and in three weeks, I'll either be utterly useless, or I'll have laser-focus and Jedi reflexes (as I did the week before my wedding).So I thought it was a little funny that when I checked out another Blog I follow -- – he was in an advanced stage of what I've barely begun. Good Luck, Buddy (I couldn't find his name on the Profile, but couldn't look for long.) Well worth the visit to check out this blog, and he's got great business cards too!


  1. thanks so much for the plug!!! that really is cool!

    thanks to my wife for those cards, and thanks for the linky!

    go back and check out how to win something by guessing when the baby is born!

    btw, my name is adam! lol!

  2. also my domain changed to

    yeah, i'm that vein too!


  3. Alright! My first follower outside my family! Cheers, mate. I'll look for your podcast next time I'm on ITunes! And I'll stop by th throw my hat in the ring for the Baby Pool

  4. ha ha, yeah, and it's not hard to keep your stones away from the wife, she won't want anything to do with them when they get that far