Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Shower -- Thank You All!

Yesterday, Andrea had the second of her Baby Showers. Like any other baby showers, it was attended by many of our family & friends, and when I got home, I found our dining room table filled with gift bags (I think that whoever invented the gift bag should get a medal, wrapping presents is a pain in the ass!). Thanks to everyone, all of the gifts were wonderful, and we are going to have one of the best-dressed babies ever! More importantly, though, thanks for attending! It's heart-warming (and no small relief!) to know just how much support we're getting from our community! “It takes a village...”

I can't mention everyone individually here, so I hesitate to single anyone out, so as not to exclude the others. But I hope you'll forgive me for mentioning two who knit blankets. The first, a dear friend who learned to knit, just so she could bestow this gift to our child, then wrote a beautiful note for our baby in the card.

The other couldn't attend. She knit a blanket shortly after our wedding, when we started “trying,” knowing that our family would grow soon. My grandmother, Violet Walker, passed away last November, half way through her 90th year, and the blanket, already in a gift bag, was then passed to us. Thank you Gramma! We miss you, and think of you often.

Naturally, I didn't attend the Shower, I had something else to do – ANYTHING! Papa & I got together to move heavy shit. Our basement is now larger, and Mom has her exercise equipment back (I honestly was quite consistent with it, for about a month). And our garage is roomier, and Jody (my sister) has a bar-b-q. Whatever it took to be busy that day! Papa & I had some good hang-out, guy time, which was great, because it's been awhile. He still isn't tired of laughing at me, saying that I have no idea what I'm in for!

In all honesty, she didn't expect me to attend. We've got a healthy respect for certain things; I don't subject her to seasons of sports, and she doesn't ask my to hold her purse in public.

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