Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Blog

Hi! I'm Will, and like many of the other's you'll find here, I'm an aspiring writer. So to get my daily writing ya-ya's out, this seemed like an ideal venue. I can do the kind of therapeutic thought-regurgitating one usually saves for a private journal, while sharing with anyone who cares to share.

Among other things, I will be focusing on the biggest issue in my life right now: my impending fatherhood. I am just over two years into my marriage to the most beautiful & clever woman I have ever known, Andrea. As I write, we am six weeks from bringing a new person into our home, and it scares the bejesus out of us. Seriously, before that pee-wand said “Congratulations!” (to paraphrase, of coarse), we were both chock-full of bejesus, and now we have to work at mustering a smattering of bejesus between us!

I wanted to start now, because I think that in a year, or five years, or when the baby's a graduating near-adult, it would make a fascinating read for all involved. I'd also like to relish this brief time of still knowing everything I need to know about parenting. Observe: “Eat your broccoli!” “Use your inside voice!” “Stay in school” Whip them up some cereal, and wait for the scholarships to come rolling in. I get to spend six more weeks in this ignorant bliss, and no experienced parents will shake me from it. Frankly, none of them have tried. I think that they're quite understanding, and are kindly letting me relish these last weeks of peace. My most sincere thanks to all of you!

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