Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Drug Dream

Currently listening to: Disturbed, The Sickness. (Not terribly relevant, it's just been awhile.)
It does bring a concern to mind, though. Since Baby spends two hours a day in the car with Andrea, (s)he will arrive with an appreciation for her music, while my music will be foreign and probably frightening. My work is cut out for me...

A few weeks ago, I had a crazy dream (is there any other kind? Well, it's the only kind we hear about. Who starts a conversation with “Hey, did I tell you about my dream? I was making a tea! Neat, eh?) In the dream, I was at my grandmother's house with Carrie, a friend at work (for context, Carrie got back from Maternity leave for her first child about a year ago). She suggested that we go do some cocaine, so off we went and snorted some blow.

While I have known several people who have used coke – both dabblers and addicts – I've never used it myself. My first real bad-ass friend in high school said “I'll never do Chemical drugs, I'll just stick to naturals,” and it stuck with me. Plus, an addict I knew is BC really turned my off when I saw her trying to use me when I barely knew her. Besides, a nice beer-buzz is enjoyable enough, no need to get too nuts.

When I told Carrie, we had a good laugh. When the conversation turned to parenting, she made the comment that having a child “makes everything seem to matter more.” to which, I replied “Kinda like being high!” Then with a stunned/wide-eyed look, “...this is SO significant...” The difference being that coke would give one much more energy than the inebriates I'm more familiar with. Just like parenting; you learn to function on three hours of sleep a day. Or so I've been told.

Of coarse, dream interpretations are far from exact. In fact, it would be hard to find something more subjective. As far as the “Dream Interpretation” books go, you can ask ten people and get seventeen opinions, so at the end of the day, you just gotta stack with what's comfortable for you. In this case, I'm pretty comfortable with this heightened-energy-and-significance interpretation. The blood-lineage past was well represented (Grandma's house), and future (recent parent) and community (friend from work, sharing the experience). Cool, eh?

To abruptly change the subject, today Andrea and I were having lunch, when she suddenly left for the bathroom. (Don't you love a story that starts like that?). When she got back, I said “that seemed urgent.” she replied “It always is these days. It's like the baby has a foot on my bowels, and...you know when you step on a hose, then take your foot off? You don't have much time. Yeah, laugh it up, chuckles.” Yeah, I'm that juvenile. If you're wondering how appropriate this is, I did ask, “Can I put this in the Blog?”
“Go ahead.”

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