Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Aniversary Vacation!

Thank you all for the well-wishes! Our time away was great. We got to stay in their only cabin (which I helped put the floor into last May) at Little Banff, which was handy since setting-up Camp Calli takes a lot of room. She even got her own room, which was helpful since we didn't want to go to bed at 7:30 when she did. We were also close to the lake, which was convenient on this super-hot week. It's been in the high-20's, which in Fahrenheit translates as DAMN HOT! I broke into a sweat changing her diaper. We got to enjoy several family soaks in the lake, with Calli enjoying her inner-tube with the mesh seat & hood for the sun. Being at the water front had another advantage; we caught a lot of wind through the cabin (see: Damn Hot!). I'll have pictures soon, but the camera was borrowed, so I'm just waiting on the email.

One of the owners has finally taken my advice (non-subtle prodding) and began writing a biography. She's led an interesting life, and has a talent for it. Just reading her emails, it's plain that she has a talent for it. When we were there, she was inspired to write about us. I leaned over and said “...handsome...clever...” I'm sure that is how I was portrayed. When it's due for release, I'll be sure to keep ya'll posted.

Even though we had all of our regular Calli-sustenance duties, it was a relaxing time. We went up after work on Sunday, got there about 6:30, and stayed until Wednesday afternoon. We would have stayed longer, but we had dinner reservations at Oscar's, an upscale restaurant in town, to celebrate our 3rd aniversary. I'm tempted to get all 'Foodie' on you, so I'll restrain myself to telling you about desert: Rhubarb & Rosemary Creme Brule. The Rosemary part intrigued us, and to be honest, it was great! Who's have thought, eh? They gambled, and they surely landed on their feet with that one!

I've still got a few days off, so it'll be a lot of relaxing, and a couple engagements. Hopefully, more relaxing than anything. And writing. Now that I've mentioned a work-in-progress, I feel more accountable to pick up that torch!


  1. Continue and enjoy, and ...

    "Now that I've mentioned a work-in-progress, I feel more accountable to pick up that torch!"

    Yeah, man, pick up that torch and RUN with it!

  2. Pleased you enjoyed your break, it does one good to get away if only for a few days.
    Hope the rest of your free days will be restful if that is possible with children.

    Take care.

  3. Happy third anniversary, Will! And glad you had a good time at the cabin. It was 'damn hot' here, too. For that matter, it still is!

  4. Gosh seemed like such a short get-away. Well, at least you have a few more days off and I love having time off at home.

    We couldn't ask for much better weather than what we've gotten in L.A. over the past couple weeks. Wish it would stay this way all the time.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Hi Will .. sounds like a lovely break - and congratulations on three years. It's just nice being home and toddling around for a few days ..

    The rhubarb and rosemary creme brulee sound delicious ..

    How wonderful that you were able to inspire someone to write about their life .. especially as they seem to be so natural at it ..

    Enjoy the writing and have happy days .. Hilary

  6. Sounds like a great vacation, Will! I don't think I realized you were in Canada--do you LIVE in Alberta? (I grew up in Idaho, so neighbors). I hope you're feeling regenerated and ready to get back to it (though it is still summer, so not TOO far into it!)

  7. Enjoy your time, nothing like some R&R...
    Camp cute~

    Congrats, 3yrs...nice 3 and 7 are magical numbers!

    I want to hear more about this brulee...sounds

  8. Glad y'all had a great getaway and Happy Anniversary!!

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