Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They Were Here Just A Minute Ago...

Firstly, I have an apology to make. I totally forgot to mention the Podcast of fellow Blogger extrodenaire, Adam at Throwing Quarters. It's been awhile since I've heard a new one, but the beauty of the Podcast is that all of the previous episodes are available, so you can go back and enjoy them all.

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely & talented Jessica Bell of The Alliterative Allomorph wrote about losing followers. She wasn't sure why, and seemed to be feeling a little stung.

About three weeks ago, this happened to me too. Suddenly. I looked, and I was down by 2 followers, and I wasn't sure why. I don't think I had posted anything particularly offensive. I'm wondering if Blogger does occasional housekeeping and closes inactive accounts. I tried checking the Followers page, and I didn't see any way to see who had canceled their subscription, and I didn't recognize any absences. Oddly, I've gained about 6 new Followers since then, so it's nice that I'm still going onward and upward. But still...(Does anyone else find it a little awkward to refer to “Their Followers”? It sounds a little culty to me.)

As for myself, I haven't ever un-Followed someone. There's only one I no longer visit (on purpose), someone who mostly posts his own graphic designs (not you Matt), but never followed me back, or responded to my comments. Not that I automatically neglect those who don't comment or respond – one of my faves Followed me back, but rarely comments. That's cool, people are busy and when you re-follow everyone who signs up, it can get pretty busy in the ol' Google Reader. The issue I took with the first one is that I was one of his first Followers (on the recommendation of a Blogger friend of his), and he seems to be using his Blog as a resume. That, I believe, is a fabulous use of the Blogosphere, but since I'm not in his market, I'll spend my (precious little) computer time on the Blogs I resonate with, and especially with those who are more into the community of it. My pen-palls with less waiting!


  1. I think we all lose a few followers every so often, what I can't understand someone will sign on as a follower and never leave a comment.
    I get baffled by that, I do appreciate all the comments I recieve although I sometimes forget to say thank you, which is bad manners on my part so Will for every comment you have given you I thank you,
    Loved your post as always and hope the family are well.

  2. The first one I lost got their own blog post letter. I was maybe a little sore. It happens. I suppose it's just human nature to look inward when someone stops "liking" us.
    It's not you. It's them. Really.

  3. It's so sad when we lose a follower. I hate it. It doesn't matter how many I get, I still hate to lose anyone and I always think, What did I do?? Was it something I said? Is it my breath? Did I not visit their blog or comment? And it always happens in twos for me, too. Isn't that weird.

  4. I've "un-followed" people before. In one instance it was after a very stupid post about the Gulf Oil Disaster......another instance was a Mommyblog that got on my last effing nerve (seriously, I can only handle reading about someone else's children for so long before I want to slit my wrists) another time was because the blogger came out of the RepulicanEvangelicalRacist closet with a horrible series of cartoons and jokes about Obama.

    I've also lost followers, but no one has to be a rocket scientist to figure out that not everone wants to read a loud mouthed jersey girl ramble contantly while salt and peppering her language with the "eff" word.

    Try not to take it personally, your blog is fabulous, and that's coming from someone who hates everyone ; )

  5. Followers fluctuate. I was keeping track in a Word file, but I fell behind...

  6. I lose followers sometimes and it makes me a little sad and then I wonder if they unfollowed me and are trashing me on their blog that I don't know about because they unfollowed me so I don't know who they are. Then I realize I'm not right.

    Saying followers makes me feel a little Jim Jonesish, yet I like it. Don't worry, though, I have no plans of busting out the poison kool-aid. Unless people keep unfollowing me ;0).

  7. I've never unfollowed anybody. Oh wait. There was one. But only because he posted about a thousand notes on Twitter and FB every day regarding his personal sexual preference. Hey, that's none of my business. To each their own. But when my wall is covered with nothing but his posts, its time to unfriend the guy.

    But other than that, I need all the friends I can get.

    Stephen Tremp

  8. I keep posting comments, which seem to me to disappear, so forgive me if I seem redundant. I had my own taste of sour grapes, when I was once emailed by a disgruntled follower who complained that I did not comment on her blog. At that point, I decided I wasn't cut out for blogging and dropped out. I just want to be entertained, if I wanted to learn how to cane a chair or sew clothes onto eggplant, I would visit my local library. Best wishes, I for one am still stalking you, funny Koolaid and all.

  9. I think Blogger DOES drop people occasionally. I know once in a while I've been SURE I was following something, only to find I wasn't (and have had readers say the same) so I'm pretty sure it is some internal tweak done by gnomes or pixies.

    I also never 'stop following' (I do on Facebook, if someone spams my message box too badly, but not here)--the only 'punishment' so to speak, is coming off the blogrole for not updating the blog in a long time, or content I just am not that interested in (there were a number of REALLY nice people I met in A to Z that post almost all religious stuff, which just isn't my thing, so if they were not regular commenters...)

  10. one day I blogged about losing a follower and a relatively new reader to my blog- who I could see had very strong opinions on things - pretty much told me that it is a turn off when people blog about losing followers and that blogging about it would make me lose followers as it is a "turnoff" -- I am so thankful that she has not returned to my blog since :-) her's was a painful read for me anyway :D so I'm happy to have not had to reciprocate!

  11. Hi Will - yes I did purposely remove myself from someone's blog .. to me they were not adding any benefit to me (or actually to others) ..just darting here and there inanely .. and I'm sure I'm not the only who can't deal with 'darters'.

    I'm just grateful if I get an extra follower every so often & then we can relate and add value to each other ..

    I follow who I want to because I like their work, or I want to learn .. and never expect reciprocation .. but I certainly try and follow those who follow me.

    I just love seeing everyone and interrelating .. makes it fun .. - thanks .. Hilary

  12. My followers fluctuate too, I figure google screws with the numbers and some leave.. oh well. But more come along.

    I have never unfollowed a blog [that I am aware of] but just stop reading those that don't interest me any more for one reason or another. Some I follow to be polite but really don't read.. sorry.

    And you're welcome for reminding you of Adams podcast ;)

  13. I won't quit following people! I know we all go
    through things and sometimes our pitch is off or our voice isn't what it was, but we all have these
    moments! I, noticed it, too....throw you off a bit. What did I do, didn't do?! I am finding
    I need to cut back posting, with kids and summer
    activities, I can't keep up responding. I think a day between allows me time to respond back and make comments, that I feel have been compromised. Routine has changed!

    Don't let it throw you~

  14. I have never bothered about my followers. I have people who comment on every post and hundreds who are listed on my followers who I have never seen or heard from...

  15. I've lost a few followers before--1 or 2 at a time, and it IS disheartening. I've looked through the followers, too, trying to figure out who I lost, but it's really just a matter of letting it roll off your back.

    I have un-followed a few that I joined waaaaaaaaaay back when I began blogging. They were mostly off-topic and ones that I never really got into.

    But I'll be a "Fatherhood" subscriber for as long as you keep it up! No worries. We all go through this.


  16. hmm I can't think of any reasons why people would stop following you or Jess. People always leave me, and it stings more when it's on the Facebook fan page, because in order to do so they'd have to click a button that says "Unlike", which sucks!:(

    Loyal follower

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  18. I've never noticed losing any followers, but I've been reading about it on other blogs a lot recently...so maybe google is glitching.

    I follow hundreds of blogs, and I don't always have time to leave a comment on them all, BUT I DO read them all in my reader.

    Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog lately, while I was away on vacation. :)

    Happy weekend!

  19. I agree that the whole concept of having "followers" is kind of creepy, but then what else should they be called.

    I've pondered the mystery of disappearing followers as well. They always seem to be replaced pretty quickly, but I like to know who disappears and why. I keep planning to cull my list, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I've decided that when I do drop somebody I'll let them know that I am going to do it and why. It seems like it should be part of blog etiquette. I plan to drop people who ignore my blog and ignore my comments and don't follow me anyway--why should I follow them if they are just taking up space on my blog list.

    Tossing It Out

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  21. I'm not too fond of the term "follower" either. I think it would be great if google provided some easy way to keep a list of those who subscribe to our blogs rather than just photos. Being un-followed kind of makes me feel like I'm back in grade school :)