Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Puppy's as Birth Control

Has this title gotten your imagine going in uncomfortable directions? Hear me out, it will make a world of sense in just a minute.

When we got Kuma about 14 months ago, he was just five weeks old and VERY high-maintenance. Asides from the constant attention he was demanding, there was a lot of clean-up, earning him the nickname ‘Lord Piddly-Squirts Von Bitesalot. Esquire. On his first day home, Andrea greeted me at the door, saying “We’ve adopted a Fountain!” A few months later, we felt it was safe to rent a steam-cleaner for the carpets. After more than ten hours of working with this thing (and about $85), it was less than half-an-hour after I got home from returning the steam-cleaner, he puked on the carpet. I nearly wept.

For the first six months of his stay with us, he slept in a kennel in our room, and he’d wake up 3-4 times a night to have us take him out to relieve himself, because he wouldn’t foul his little environment. Then he would take over an hour to settle enough to go back to sleep. Andrea and I took turns – whoever wasn’t working the next day would get up with him. This totally robbed weekends of their charm; “Whoopie, two nights of getting up three times a night.”

Now I’m thinking, when our kids get to that special age, when they know what “Getting Intimate” is, and they’re thinking about taking that step, I’d like to get her a puppy. When she’s been getting up through the night for a few weeks, I can tell her that “This is about 8% of what it’s like to be a parent.”

For the record, Andrea’s not sold on this idea. She’s pretty confident that this Puppy Parenting will fall to us, and the lesson will be lost on her.

Of course, it’s all moot, since my little girl is going to grow up to be a Nun-Doctor-Astronaut, and won’t need to know about parenting.


  1. LOL, you wish!

    my dog settled down 100% once the baby came home. he is a well behaved dog.

  2. Reason 37 why I don't own a dog. kids are enough work.

    And now you get up with the baby all night? No rest for the weary.


  3. haha a nun-doctor-astronaunt eh? haha good luck with that, every father hopes that their girl will stay at home for the rest of their lives, but unfortunatly for them, and great for the girls they don't. The puppy idea is a really good idea, just make sure that she is old enough to know what the responsibly is.

  4. I'm with Vodka Logic: yet another reason I have no pets.

    Yeah,I'm working that nun thing with Grace. She's working me for a bra that will give her cleavage. I think she says it to hear me scream, but I can't be sure she's not serious...

  5. I Think you may be on to something. Although when you get her the puppy, it may be the most well-mannered, perfectly behaved puppy and never require any work. Just to make it worse.

    I find Lady Karma has a way twisting things.