Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy War In A Bottle

On Saturday, I took Calli to my folks place (about a 45 min drive), because a 2nd cousin couldn’t make it to the shower and wanted to meet her – her name was also Cali. (I don’t know if she was a “Callista,”). When my aunt came by to get her, it was funny to hear her say “Imagine that, eh? Will packing her up and bringing her up here by himself.” Welcome to the brave new world. Her husband (and much of the community) is a rustic, blue collar type who bring home checks, and wait for the kids to get a little older before getting very hands-on with the parenting.

By and large, we had a delightful visit, until the last hour, when mom said “(the church) is having a Baby Dedication on the 28th, do you want to come?” Well, no mother. No I don’t.
Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a parental-religious-argument post.

After years of me tip-toeing around the subject, they asked “What’s the hang-up. Really.” Now what I should have wish I’d have said was “I was chin-deep in it for so long (16-23, including 4 years of Bible College) I’m kinda tired out of it.” Sadly, what I Said was “my faith in God is as strong as it ever was, but much of what I’ve read in history doesn’t jive with the Church as it is.” I added that I haven’t shared because they are in a really good place with their faith, and their religious community, so I’m not gonna sit ‘em down to watch Bill Mayer’s “Religulous.”
Of course, they want to know what I mean by “historic problems.” Well then, how much to I want to show? An important part of my belief’s is “Don’t go messing with other people’s belief’s!” So, to throw them a bone, I explained that in the 1st generation after Jesus, there was a split between the Jewish followers and the Gentile followers. What we have in the Church is Paul’s Roman version, while the Jewish version (who would have had the better frame-of-reference for Jesus’ message) got marginalized.

Now, as Papa said, they’re “…really worried about me.” “Do you not believe in the Trinity?” Well, it’s a fantastic illustration of the nature of God… At the end of the day, it’s a matter of faith, and since their faith is good for them, I don’t wish to argue.

On the drive home, I tried listening to NIN, which didn’t help, so I switched to Aerosmith. Much better. Funny thing is, the next morning, I did just what I imagine they did: I found someone who thinks and believes as I do and vented. Then Mom called that night and it seemed that all was forgotten.

We’ll see…


  1. Like we talked about at work, I know exactly how you feel. haha how many times have I heard my parents say to me "were really worried about you." It seems like a common phrased tossed around everytime I get in an argument with them about religion, which most times starts off with me telling them that there is no way that I am going to their boring church where all I want to do is smack everyone in the face. My parents were also on my borhters case about getting my nephew dedicated. Now my brother went to Bible college and graduated and then because his wife didn't want to move for him to get a job, ended up working at the Hock Shop and lossing all his passion for it altogether. But thats going off topic, anyways he then got into an argument about religion just like you did. Guess you and I have more thinks in common.

  2. I God wanted me in church every Sunday he would have a barista at the door. I can have faith without the dogma.. Good luck Will I have a feeling you will need it in the future

  3. After checking 2 dictionaries, and 2 thesaurus', I finally Googled, and thought "Oh damn, I should have known that..." Barista, as in SBux coffee expert. Well, I've got coffee at home, brewed straight into an intovenus bag, and the only 3 SBux in my city are within 3miles, operating Sunday morning, and more civilized hours!