Sunday, November 1, 2009

How Memorable Was Calli's First Halloween?

So last night probably wasn't the worst Halloween ever, but it certainly wasn't in the top ten.
Now, for several years, Andrea & I would decorate the yard with assorted skulls, headstones, bats, spider webs, etc. then dress up in our Vampire stuff (she's just damn sexy as the undead!), and we'd give loot to the neighborhood kids until about 8:30. Then we'd go (with a friend Michelle) to a horror movie – the only time she'd watch horror, since it scares the bejesus out of her. We love Halloween, and relish this holiday of the macabre. This year, however, we really couldn't go out, 'cause of Calli, nearly six weeks old, and too small for any costume available (we looked, and they'd look like tents on her!). So we were gonna have Michelle for a B-Day dinner (she's 30 on Nov 2), and two of our coolest friends for dinner. I was really looking forward to it for weeks, until half way through Saturday, when I phoned home to find out that they were sick, and Andrea's mom & aunt would be coming for the uber-special dinner that Andrea had planned.
Andrea's family is great, and I enjoy our family gatherings, but when I'm geared-up for an evening with peers, well the “Party” turned into a “Gathering.” Oh well, I had to work really early anyway, so I guess it turned out for the best. The friends should be coming over next weekend, so that will be the night I was looking forward to!

In other news, Andrea had a funny incident with Calli. Like a lot of funny child stories, it really wasn't funny at the time. Andrea was getting her ready for a bath, and left her in her crib for a minute while she got the tub ready. That's when Calli started screaming. Not a fussy 'I'm lonely' scream, or even a more urgent 'I'm hungry' scream, but a guttural, shrill, banshee noise, as though she was being split up the middle! Upon investigation, Andrea found her with a hand full of her own hair! The pain made her clench and pull her fist, which made her hurt, which made her clench and pull, which made her look at Mommy with a look that said “Why are you allowing this torment?” Her grip was so tight, Andrea was afraid she'd break a finger if she tried too hard to save our little angel from herself! I don't know how it ended, but it's a funny image, and is a prime contender for Stories We'll Tell At Her Wedding.


  1. poor little girl! Pulling out own hair is one I have not heard but we have a son who is I completely get the "stories for wedding" aresenal. LOL.

  2. Ouchie with the hair pulling! Best have those friends over before the potty training begins. Nothing signals a movie intermission like "I'M DONE POOPING" screamed from an impressive set of tiny little lungs.