Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Cheater Costume -- Clever or Weak?

Last Saturday (Halloween), at my Unnamed Retail Outlet, a friend, who happens to be a Supervisor, really encouraged me to dress-up. I hadn’t planned on it, since I started at 9, and it would be difficult to cover Calli’s morning feeding, and get my own act together in time to leave. I do have my Vampire stuff from previous years, but oddly, it’s been shrinking in my closet (Denial? Me? No!)

At the last minute, I remembered an idea I had years ago. I thought it was the most clever thing EVER. Andrea said it was stupid, and nearly begged me to reconsider, saying that I’d make a fool of myself, and people wouldn’t get it. Here’s what I did:

A collared shirt and a tie. That’s it. But here’s the genius; when people asked what I was supposed to be, I said “I can only tell you if you guess once.” I heard “A lawyer or politician?” “Funeral Director” “A guy looking for a job” (From the store manager – just a little unsettling) Then I’d tell them “I’m a Rorschach Test” This wasn’t enough explanation, so I’d elaborate: “The Rorschach test is the Ink Blots, where you tell the Doctor what you see, so this is what comes to your mind when you see a guy in a shirt & tie.”

Naturally, some people got it, and some people loved it, and some were just confused, usually when I didn’t have time to explain it properly. So what do you think? Am I clever, or just a boob?

Incidentally, the friend who wanted me to dress-up came as Alex from Clockwork Orange, and she looked GREAT! Easily the best costume of the day!


  1. Pretty cool but then I know what a Rorschach test is.. must try it myself sometime..

    What did the baby go as?

  2. CLEVER!!!! And I am sure no one else thought of it. Love the idea.

  3. haha, her costume was pretty awsome. Yours was Clever once I got it, at first I thought u meant Rorschach as in the character from Watchmen, but then again that must be the nerd in me.

  4. very very clever.

    how's that going for ya? Being clever.

    ha ha! had to drop the Fight Club line in there

  5. VL Thanks! We couldn't really dress Cslli up, so she was doted-on-by-gramma-and-auntie girl.
    JM Thanks! Only problem was the time it took to explain it.
    BB I think you were about 20 feet away when I tried to explain it -- confusion was inevitable.
    TQ HAHA Classic. Actually, it's been so long that I probably wouldn't have gotten the reference if you hadn't clarified.

  6. "A collared shirt and a tie. That’s it."

    I think it's clever as long you were wearing pants too otherwise you're just a young Tom Cruise and going sans pants is a pretty Risky Business these days.


  7. Will, that was a cool idea. I have your award from VL waiting for you as well, hope you enjoy it.

  8. I guess I wasn't very clear. Yes, I wore pants, or else the Rorschach Test would be "Weirdo" & Pervert.
    Thanks Bob -- I'l head right over and check it out!

  9. stopping by from bob's --we got awards so I am visiting everyone's blogs. I love all things Halloween. Spent that week posting old costumes and real ghost stories. I think your outfit was pretty clever actually. I like costumes that are home made or reveal personality.....guess you are realizing you have a major aspect of your life that has shifted...don't have kids, just animals, but they can 'own' you too, since they rely on you.....

  10. Hahahaha. I never did see you on Halloween. Freaking lot crew crap. Miss Clockwork Orange did steal the show, undoubtedly. A creative explanation is everything. That's awesome, I wish I'd of gotten a chance to 'take the test'. Good job, sir!