Monday, April 4, 2011

Where Do You Belong?

Does anyone else get irritated with speeches or articles that begin with a Dictionary definition? It seems lazy and predictable; and I hate predictable. However, I believe that this word is in dire need of some clarification.
Cult: (from Latin 'cultus,' care)1. A system of religious worship. 2. devoted attachment to a person, principle, etc. 3. a sect.

Now, when the media mentions a cult leader, what comes to mind? Exactly what I'd think, I'll bet; polygamy and spiked Kool-Aid. But I'll bet that you're the member of a cult.

Do you believe in Democracy? Would you even say that you have a devoted attachment to the ideal? Busted.
How about the Yankees or the Raiders? Consider that, and compare it to someone painting their face and hollering in devotion to Krishna. Ring a bell?
Ever lost time in a hypnotic state on the Xbox?

And what are my cults of choice? The first one that comes to mind is George Lucas – he is a master of re-telling the classics, and he turned a raging success into an overhaul of the industry. If you've ever sat through the credits of a movie, or TV show, you're likely to see “Industrial Light & Magic” or “Skywalker Sound.” I would say that I admire his ideals, severely.

I also have a devotional belief in philosophical alchemy, metaphorically turning lead into gold. I fail miserably more than I care to admit, but I try.
Now, could Blogging be considered a cult? We're certainly devoted.

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  1. When I hear the word cult I think of a group of people that have cut themselves off from the rest of society due to Religious beliefs. More than just a following or a fan, a fanatic that has disregarded almost completely (if not completely) society as a whole and in turn has created their own society.

    Again, that is just what I think of when I hear that word. Perhaps I'm the leader of my own cult ; )

  2. Again food for thought Will we certainly are a dedicated "Cult" or we wouldn't be doing this challenge,

    Have a lovely day.

  3. I like the title of this post.

    Does laziness count as a religious devotion?

  4. The mainstream view of a cult probably was as described by Earth Mothers comments, but I think as religion becomes less important to many, there is a need to find other things that can provide that "I am a follower" feeling. Perhaps that is why so many secular things now achieve "cult status"


  5. I know how often people use the word cult to describe unconventional religious beliefs. It's uneducated and wrong. I think I'll tell people I'm a member of the cult of blogging.