Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Not As Clever As I Thought, But There Is Good News

As for the update on the Victoria Sinclair interview, she is a very busy lady. Asides from being a news anchor, she has another side business, and tax time has proved to be more trouble than anticipated. We will have an interview up as soon as possible.

As for “X,” I thought I was really clever in making up a word. Honestly, I still think that it's clever, but nut as original as I'd thought. I also made up the word “Bibliophile” – book lover. I wasn't the first on that either.

The word I created for “X” was “Xenophile.” A xenophobe is one who fears outsiders, so “Xenophile” is meant to be a love of outsiders; I'd rather talk to someone from a different part of the world than hear yet another local bitch about the weather and the Maple Leafs. (the hockey team, not the foliage.) I find it fascinating how growing up in a different part of the world will flavor someone's perspective. I like talking to first-generation Canadians, because they have one foot on the Old World, but are familiar enough with my frame of reference to communicate the differences and similarities.

Then I was watching a Harry Potter “Extra” introducing the new characters. Remember Luna Lovegood, the quirky blonde with the dreamy voice? Guess what her dad's name is. Oh yeah, Xenophilious. Since I've read the books and seen the movie, the word must have taken root and re-emerged, making me think of how very clever I was.

On a more positive note, Andrea was home with Chickerdoodles last night, and the wee'un started playing with the front of her pants. The following conversation ensued:

A: Do you have to pee-pee?
C: Pee-pee.
A: Do you want to use the potty?
C: Yeah.

Note: she says “yeah” to anything you ask her, that's how I know that she's a Soundgarden fan. But, lo and behold, she has now left her first little puddle in the potty! A new day has dawned.


  1. Hopefully she grows out of playing with the front of her pants when she has to go or that could be awkward later on.

  2. on X- hmm, here's a replacement for ya: xenophage (eater of outsiders)

    And potty training- been there done that, Then I went through it with my son :)

  3. My little guy has started going on the potty too. He isn't overly enthusiastic, but I am hoping to gradually get him to take to it. He does enjoy the novelty of it right now. Once that has worn off I think he will revert like most boys do, but we'll see what happens.

    What a coincidence that we have both blogged about Harry Potter today!

  4. Wonderful post , sorry about the interview.
    Loved the X word, but I fell about with laughter about your little girl, she is sweet.

    Have a lovely day.

  5. A the joys of parenting. I do not miss potty training days.

  6. Soundgarden fan - she's learning early!

  7. Soundgarden fan - awesome! :D

    I love the name Xenophilious :D

  8. This is the third X post on this word. I shall never forget its meaning now. haha

  9. I never noticed that about Xenophilious. What a fantastic reference, and what a good word is xenophile! As an immigrant to the UK, I love people who like outsiders. =)

    India Drummond

  10. Congratulations on the potty training milestone!

  11. Potty training is such fun! Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter is doing pretty good with the pee part. But she needs to master part #2 which is probably the one we'd most prefer her to manage.

    Tossing It Out

  12. I think it would be most endearing if adults acted like children when they wanted a pee-pee! But then again, I am easily amused.