Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jam Tart

I was stuck on “J,” but when it came to me, it was so obvious.

My dad introduced me to the phrase “Jam Tart.” While they aren't my favorite pastry, it's such an apt phrase for how I'm doing on this Challenge. It means to drop the ball, or not live up to commitments. I must apologize to you all for not visiting more often. I could go on about how busy my toddler keeps me (I swear, I say “On you bum” to the little monkey dozens of times a day) on top of working full time, and the usual domestic duties, but I've said it all before. Oddly, it's busier on my days off, when it's just the two of us, but in the coming years, I'll be so glad that I invested the time. On the flip side, plenty of people have started and maintained writing careers while raising children, so so that tells me what I can do with my excuses.

A theme that comes up in several of the Podcasts that I enjoy is to treat your writing like a job. Don't jam-tart because you're tired, or you have crap on your mind – stuff that you wouldn't pull on your day-job. I'm inspired by this, but the first step of applying-seat-of-pants-to-seat-of-chair is the tricky one. Well, tricky may not be the right word (I obviously need the practice), but once I park it, I can get on a roll pretty easily.

In the mean time, if you're following and I haven't returned the courtesy, please leave me a comment. Sometimes, the link doesn't pop up when I click on the picture. See ya soon!


  1. I understand! I was recently laid off and I thought I'd have more time for writing but I seem to have less. How does that happen? I remember a time when I was working full time, going to school part time, keeping a house and raising 5 kids. And I was pretty efficient at it all. "Stuff" just seems to fill the voids and I can't figure out how!

  2. I am finding this challenge a bit of a challenge to keep up with and I don't have a toddler who needs my attention. Like your Jam Tart expression. Might just have to pilfer it.

  3. Never heard of that term before. Thanks for the new word of the day Will

  4. I didn't realise that was a definition of "Jam tart" LOL

  5. Life has a way of keeping us busy, no doubt about that one. I agree with the others. Jam Tart is an interesting phrase. :)