Friday, April 15, 2011


Now, here's a tricky one. There is so much to Kaballah that it's hard to sum it up.
Firstly, there are two main branches: the orthodox Jewish version focusing on their holy books (which is popular with the California crowd) and the more English version In 1888, some London Freemasons formed the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Much of their work was based on the French researcher from thirty years previous, Eliphas Levi. They associated the Sepherot (“Emanations.” the circles) with the classical planets and numbered cards of the Tarot, and the Pathe between them with the mystical meanings of the Hebrew alphabet, and the Trump Cards of the Tarot.

The top sphere is the primordial energy – everything before it's anything. The bottom sphere is the manifest world; all that is perceived with the five senses. The remaining eight are the steps it takes to get form and definition.

The right side is the active “Male” side, and the left, the passive “Female” side. I effect, this can be seen as a complicated Yin Yang. In practice, I see this as an idea going through the stages of testing that it takes to become a useful product. For example, when writing, the right side is the brainstorming and being inspired (Force), while the left is the actual writing (Form).

In Blogging, it would be the posts that are the active/productive side, and reading and commenting are the receptive part. The more I participate in the community, the more visits I get, and the more inspired I am.

It took me months to get my head around these ideas, and that was with a basic beginners book, but I hope that I got the general ideas out there


  1. I don't know much about ANY religion, and I've been known to offend through sheer and utter ignorance. It's never been intentional though!

  2. I think you got the blogging thing now!

  3. Studying Kaballah was probably one of my favorite things. There still is so much I haven't learned about it. I really need to study more.

  4. I learned a bit from the blog on Kaballah I am drawn to learning about so many faiths , and Kaballah is one I hope to learn more about. Writer I am not, but I enjoy the read. you do inspire me to consider writing though. tks Tohi aka Tink