Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did I Strike a Chord?

On Thursday May 6th, I mentioned the Ancient Mysteries on my “5Things...” post, and I was tickled-pink at the responses! We have less then 10,000 years of recorded history, which leaves so-o-o many questions! Add to that the fact that reading & writing was reserved for the privileged classes (as recently as 200 years ago), so there were precious-few making records of events, and those were commissioned by those in power, who had their own agenda to promote.

As far as what interests me, name it. For years, I've been a student of the Bargain Book Bin curriculum. What I've learned is that there is so much that we can't know, that if I can make my peace with that, I can enjoy it for what it's worth. I've learned that most of what's written is still promoting the pet-theories of the authors. “You see?! If you look at it from here and squint just right, it TOTALLY proves my point!”

For example, it's known that the Templar Knights excavated under the site of Solomon's Temple from 1119, for about 25 years. They found something that they took back to Europe, and got so much hush-money that within a generation, they were the most powerful force in Christendom. We still aren't sure what they found, but guesses abound: Records of Jesus' genealogy? The Ark of the Covenant? Material treasure? Chrystal skulls? The Colonel's 11 herbs & spices? It's fun to speculate, but proof is lacking. So which Mysteries have grabbed your attention?

The previous section was written last Tuesday (the 11th). Can you guess where I've been? Bet you can! BABY-PROOFING! Drawers, cupboard doors, and especially stairs. Week off, my ass! To be fair, one day was spent at a friend's helping install a floor, and part of another day was spent putting out patio furniture, and installing new baby seats in the cars. I planned my weeks off one-at-a-time so they wouldn't be too far apart (Feb, May, July, Sept.), but now I'm thinking that a week just passes too quickly, and maybe I need two weeks together.

In all honesty, I should be grateful; my neighbor is laid-off, and now I feel like a turd for whining about my steady employment. It's all about perspective, eh?

But it's late, I'm tired, and I'm rambling, so I'm gonna say goodnight, and wish you all well!


  1. I've met a lot of those laid of folks. We all need to be grateful - for so much more then employment.

  2. Very interesting to read, loved the post,

    Hope you have a peaceful Sunday baby permitting.


  3. "It's all about perspective, eh?"

    So true dat, Will ... so very true dat!

    Marvin D Wilson

  4. Bargain bin curriculum I love that philosphy (sp). My dad is so into that. Pick a book and just start reading. Random info and lots of theories.

    Baby proofing is easy I'm handing out condoms... just kidding but will do if need me.

  5. (= Do you really feel like a turd--or is that just your perspective?