Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 Things about 5 Things

Last night, my wife came up from the basement (where we keep the computer) where she was maintaining her Farmville plots & pets, and said “did you know that you have fourteen comments?” I had no idea, and was appropriately flabbergasted. That is certainly a record! I also learned that I'd been tagged in the “5 things about 5 things.” chain. Thanks to Shannon & Gregg, I'll get to that in just a minute. But I also learned something disturbing. I was expecting that one of the comments was from me, but it never showed. Another comment on another Blog never arrived, so I deduced that when I'm using my laptop (with weak wireless), my comments aren't getting to where I'me sending them, so a lot of you haven't seen that I've been by. Frightfully sorry; I have been reading & commenting, but it hasn't always registered, I'll try to just comment from the land-line connection from now on. And now, on to the chain:

Where was I five years ago:
Five weeks into my relationship with Andrea.
Just moving out of a rented room, into a solo place (the rented room was awful for someone who'd had a place, but I moved in a hurry, & needed to land somewhere.)
Working 4-10:30 AM, stocking. Great job, miserable hours.
Recovering from my first winter in 12 years (I'd been on the West Coast).
Deepening my studies of the Ancient Mysteries.

Where would I like to be five years from now:
Published, and making a livable income from writing.
Negotiating a movie deal from one of my novels.
Recording music for fun & profit.
Sending Calli to Kindergarten.
Enjoying good health with a healthy family.

What was on my list to do today:
Go to work.
Take out the garbage.
Read Blogs, and hopefully have my comments get to where I send them!
Write a response to the “5 Things...” chain
Read-up on my Benefits.

What five snacks do I enjoy:
Reese Bites.
Butter Tarts.
Peanut Butter Cookies.

What would I do if I were a billionaire:
Build a home studio.
Have a house in the country.
Build homes for my folks, sister & nieces, and mum-in-law.
Fund animal shelters.
Tap-dance my fine self out of my retail job!

And now to tag 5 Bloggers for this “5 Things...” meme.
Melody Green
Vodka Logic


Cheers, and I'll see ya soon!


  1. haha tap dance your way out of the retail job! thats perfect! Also for the movie, if I am where i want to be in 5 years I will negotiate with u.

  2. I like that line about tap dancing your fine self out of your retail job.

  3. OMG!! My first tag?? I'm so excited! I was actually going to tell you that I completely agreed with every one of you final five, ESPECIALLY the part about quitting retail, aMEN to that brother... but then I saw my name, and I was like, no, and I clicked it to make sure it actually led to my blog. Crazy! (I'm probably more excited about this than I should be. I'm a total dork. I will leave you alone now.)

  4. Great list :o) I like the study of Ancient Mysteries. That would be really interesting.

  5. Loved the tag answers,
    I have recieved comments I click on publish but not all gets published on my blog, I think there is a "Bermuda Triangle for lost comments"

    Have a lovely week-end.

  6. Seemed appropriate you had 5 comments...but I ruined it. :)

    Cool meme and a great get to know you theme...thanks.

  7. I noticed Blogger was having issues with comments yesterday, so it wasn't just your laptop.

  8. I just clicked over from Alex's blog...Glad to find you! Sounds like some great goals. I have kids, too, so I know these next few years will be exciting for you. Glad I stopped by ona post where you told so much about yourself!

    I'd love to know more about Ancient Mysteries...What exactly are you referring to? Swing by my blog anytime!


  9. so, I know how to tap dance, but not how to tap dance out of retail. good luck with that one.

    strange how similar your billionare list is to my own... I was thinking the same thing!