Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Attempted Regression Therapy

Last Friday, I did something I haven't done in years; went to see a live band. A buddy at work gave me his CD a while back, and I really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to seeing them.

The only draw-back was that I couldn't find anyone to go with me. Most people at work had other things going on, one guy who wanted to go couldn't spare the cash, and another who planned to go wound-up in the ER with a bruised knuckle (she's a boxer who has broken knuckles before, and didn't want to risk having it unattended if it were broken – fair enough).

So here I am, a 35-year-old, going to an indie-metal show by himself, knowing no one but a singer in one of the bands. You may recall me mentioning that I'd played in bands before, and I remember a character at one of the bars, mid-30's, who spent the night chatting with the sound-man before riding his bike home. I kinda felt like that fellow.

The drink specials were well-advertised, so I thought I'd do the responsible thing, and take the bus down. When I got to the terminal, I continued my responsible thread, and checked when the last bus would be leaving. 11:15. On a Friday night. PATHETIC! So I only got to spend an hour there, but, kind fates, it was the hour when my buddy's band was playing.

In theory, spending a night enjoying live music in a setting I spent so much time in during my 20's should have been delightful. For the afore mentioned reasons, I was kinda glad to have an excuse to leave after an hour. Hopefully, I can muster a little more support the next time they play.

The next day, we fed Calli rice pablum for the first time (they're calling it “cereal” now, apparently). It was great to see our little girl developing into the next stage, and funny to see her with paste caked from neck to nose, and beyond. We're only a couple months away from goo-ified carrots & peas. This is my life now; not much applause, just as much puke, and less critique of my 'singing' (she heckles plenty, but loves my singing). As much as I miss playing in bands, I wouldn't trade for anything.


  1. Sweet post.. Did you at least get to enjoy the drink specials.

    Love the family picture...she is a cutie

  2. lol, hey I have never even been to a concert, so an hour isn't bad. Actually thats probably the only amount of time I could actually stand being there with loud music and abnoxious people. But hey.

    Btw, adorable family picture!

  3. VL I was able to slam-back cans in that hour, just enough to enjoy a 20 min bus ride home
    B9 Never know 'till you try!

  4. very sweet's interesting reading about parenthood from a man's perspective. My husband and I talk about being parents, but reading someone's writing is a wee bit different. My curiosity is also peaked : )

  5. I am glad you at least had a beverage or two...and yes, we wouldnt trade it for the world but sometimes a nice night out with a cocktail and live music is fantastic.

    LOVE the pic Will. Beautiful family,.