Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On Sunday, while at work, I had the feeling that I should call home before leaving. While I am a believer in extra-sensory perceptions, I'm also a rationalist, and wait for a second instance before calling it a premonition. When I clocked-out, it occurred to me again that I should call to see if there was anything I needed to pick up on the way home. I found my wife to be quite beside herself; nearly in tears. Her Facebook status says it best:

SOS....calling all parents. Having a hard time putting Callie down for any length of time, even to make dinner or a cup of tea. She just screams her fool head off and as soon as I pick her up she is fine. I have tried letting her cry it out (no go she has more stamina than me) and it is not because of discomfort, wetness or hunger. Any suggestions would be great.

We often call her Little Miss Curmudgeon-Pants (Would you believe my spell-check has “Curmudgeon”).

Of the five responses I saw, three were condolences, and two said something to the effect of “just keep talking/singing/dancing for her. Stay in her sight.” Well, thanks for the input, but perhaps you could read the post first, and then respond.

We think it may be because of a change in formula, but that explanation feels like straw-grasping. Our doctor thinks it may be a developmental thing, as in Calli's getting ready to express herself more, but doesn't know how, and is frustrated. (nurse practitioner actually, but anyone who's worked in the medical field will tell you that nurses do the lions-share of the work, anyway. Not to minimize doctors at all, they did go to school longer, and are qualified to sign more papers.)

We've tried Gripe Water. We've tried Tylonol (only once, and as a last resort). If any of you more experienced parents have any insights, I'd be grateful!


  1. this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart.

    honestly the best thing you can do it take her to her crib, set her down, close the door, turn off the monitor, and turn up the music, or vacuum.

    there has never ever ever been a case of a baby crying to death. Make sure she doesn't have a fever, is dry, and isn't hungry and you'll be fine. check on her every 10 minutes. until she stops.

    babyies cry to expel energy at first, but it also turns into crys for attention, and if you give that child all the attention, it will cry all the time, I know, as my brother who did not heed my advice. His kids are 8 years old and they throw temper tantrums all the freggin time, my daughter, same age, with whom i have done this practice many a time, can go out to eat and order off the big kids menu and act like an adult when she needs to.

    hope this helps!

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  3. Remember when I left that comment about Grace crying every time I got out of her line of vision when she was a baby? Yeah, it sucks. I never could just let her cry it out, so sometimes I'd put her in her bouncy seat while I cooked or whatever and bounce it with my foot. That helped some. She finally grew out of it (the crying, well, and the bouncy seat, too). My mom swore the crying was because we held her too much and she was spoiled but I held Max a lot more because I stayed home with him for almost three years, and I never had a problem with him crying when I put him down. Maybe it's a girl thing.