Saturday, October 24, 2009

Date Night

By Gar, it's been awhile! I thought that having a new baby in the house would give me plenty to write about, and it does at times, but it's mostly eat & sleep. For me, it's eat, sleep and work. Fortunately, I'm back in the mentally-low-impact gas station, so I can gap-out for hours, as long as I'm available for customers to fix their problems.

As per usual, being in that dept. gives me the free time to contemplate the novel I've wanted to write for years. The first half is pretty clear, but the ending is vague. All I can do is plug-away on my 1st draft, and hope that more will reveal itself. This has actually worked a few times. Plus, it's easier when I can put Calli down & type with both hands. Any time I can whip-off 500+ words, it's a good day, but when I do that for at least a month, I'm sure my standards will be raised.

Last night, we took our first chance to have a Date Night since the night before Calli was born. We went to see ZombieLand, and enjoyed it immensely, as Andrea's mom stayed with Calli. We got the tickets last week when Andrea had another shower, hosted by my mom, because a lot of her friends from church & work were eager to shower Andrea with gifts. I little awkward, since Andrea knew so few of them, but one woman I've known for years (I went to school with her step-son, who wound up in my wedding party) gave us movie tickets & a restaurant gift certificate for a date night. In her experienced wisdom, she felt that it was important to not forget your couple-time when the family expands. This made a world of sense, so off we went! We're saving the dinner for next week! Hopefully, we can do Date Night at least once a month.

Calli slept the whole time we were gone (Surprise!), but Kuma was just beside himself! The last time we left him with someone, we came home with this little creature who shares our bed and takes a lot of the time he had with us! What else could he do, but fuss, whine, and throw-up on the door mat! And in our room; we were all settled-in and dozey when I found that. “Oh, one more thing before you call it a day: two big piles of dog vomit!” yippee.


  1. haha, arn't dogs great for that. Btw how long are you out on the gas bar for, I have been contemplating seeing if their is some way they can send me out there for a couple days, haha be relaxing compared to inside.

  2. Funny the dog a bigger "problem" than the baby.
    Nice to have a date night and 29 years in, is something I should remember.

  3. god i love date nights. still not impressed, you paid for your tickets, i would have snuck in.

    now that the wife isn't preggers it should have been a little easier to sneak in.

    LOL, come to cleveland and i will show you how it is done.