Thursday, June 10, 2010

She Weebles and She Wobbles...

As always, thanks for all of the comments! Blogger seems to be having quite the glitch issues, with comments being eaten, repeated, etc. By and large, they provide a solid service, though, and every now and then, there's gonna be some trouble.
My story (when I get the time to devote) is on the last days of Atlantis. Has anyone seen anything like this around? I'd hate to regurgitate someone else's work. And there are no elves, they just don't fit, and it's hard to do something unique with elves. Having said that, Heather Bear did just that with “Blood & Iron” and “Whiskey & Water.”

On the domestic side, today was a damn exciting day, Calli has stood on her own for the first time! She's been pulling herself up on anything that'll hold her weight & stay still for a few weeks now, and she's finally ventured to let go! It was only for 2-5 seconds, but we squealed none the less. For one instance, Andrea was phoning a friend, and Calli stood just in time for the answering machine to kick-in. “Ooooh! OOOH! She's STANDING!!! She's standing ON HER OWN! call me back.” Michelle must have been laughing her ass off!

Bet I can guess what the seasoned parents are saying: “You're in for it now.” Yeah, that makes sense. We spend a year striving to get them to walk and talk, then 15 years telling them th sit down and shut up.

Andrea said that she hopes that we're this excited about our future children hitting these landmarks. Well, yeah, but it won't be the same. There will never be another first. Such a raw deal for the others, but I'm sure that it will be special in it's own way.

If ya'll are interested, my lovely wife has started a Blog to document her healthy lifestyle journey. Feel free to stop by Motherhood and Other Controversies and show some love!


  1. "We spend a year striving to get them to walk and talk, then 15 years telling them th sit down and shut up." bhahahaha! That's so true ... so true ;-) Off you check out your wife's blog! Congrats on Calli standing on her own too. You must feel all tingly inside ...

  2. Your story sounds very cool to me Will. I'm not the most wide read person ever but I have not seen anything on Atlantis - except for that Disney movie.

    That's great about your daughter.

  3. Ah, the day our cat Rocko learned to jump six feet straight up and onto the bookshelf with the plants...
    Oh wait, not quite the same, is it? LOL
    Hope that proud papa feeling stays with you forever.

  4. Hi Will .. how great that's she's just about up and about .. another blink & she'll have a boyfriend .. enjoy these wonderful early days.

    Congratulations on Stephen's award ..

    Have a great weekend en famille .. Hilary

  5. Better get in shape - you'll be chasing her very soon.

  6. They grow so fast. Now I've got my granddaughter (1 1/2 years)-- she walks, she runs, she gets into things, she wears me and my wife out when she visits. It's all wonderful.

    Tossing It Out

  7. Congrats and you are right, your life is now over. I am glad I don't have toddlers any more but I have loved all the stages they go thru... and this "grown up" phase is exciting as well..

    Off to check out the wifes blog

  8. "Calli has stood on her own for the first time!"

    YAY! Dontcha just LOVE it when that happens? I have four grands, and the youngest is still at that age (16 months) where every day is something new and exciting for him, and of course, for Grandpa to observe. Love it...

    Marvin D Wilson

  9. I am a water baby so LOVE the idea of Atlantis stories. The only two books coming to mind that are remotely like 'under water city' stuff--the second Percy Jackson book deals a LITTLE with 'Atlantis now' (mostly under water, so it seems to be peopled with Cyclopses and Merpeople--you know Posseidon's crew) and then 'the Lost City of Faar' is a Pendragon book--but that is another planet (sort of)--neither is the last days... just maybe worth reading for entertainment and to see if you like any of the details(they are both good series for tweens and up anyway)

    I love that your blog name and your wife's are complimentary!

  10. that is a big milestone. I still remember the day - 14 years ago when my son sat up on his own. That was huge :-) Now I can't get him out of bed in the mornings. How times change....

  11. Okay, I am officially follower number six, or is it seven? Geex, I just came from your wife's blog and I can't remember. I need a vacation.

    Stephen Tremp

  12. YAY for Calli... and good luck with the next few years of chasing her around ;0)