Friday, June 25, 2010

A Good Shower Story.

As a matter of course, I tend to get up with Calli in the mornings because I'm a morning person (my wife is not), Andrea puts in the lion's share of time at parenting, and deserves to sleep in, and it give me time to read Blogs as I feed her. I won't wake Andrea unless I need to to go to work, and then, not until the last minute.

The other day, Andrea was still sleeping, but a shower had become a non-negotiable necessity. So I bring Calli into the bathroom with some toys, shut the door, and hop in. I've done this before, and I figure that it'll be fine. However, when I'm, almost done rinsing my hair, she starts crying. Not a physical-trauma wail, or a frustrated-and-fed-up complaint, somewhere in the middle. When I pulled open the curtain, I didn't see her, and there's no way a 20+ pound child should be able to hide in a 6x5 space! Turns out, she had pulled herself up on the tub, on the faucet-end, behind the outer-curtain, and was getting showered-on on the front half of her head. No wonder she was giving a confused/upset cry! She was unresponsive to my verbal comforts, so my shower got cut short, and she learned she could survive such a trauma. I'm sure that it was the first of hundreds of half-showers.

When I told this story to my co-workers, I finished with “I bet when you got up this morning, I'll bet you said to your self 'Gee, I sure hope someone at work has a good shower story.' You're welcome.

Last week, I did something kinda stupid. I read something about Obama that flew in the face of my beliefs, and I knee-jerked and let everyone know what a disappointment he was. I didn't do any digging of my own, and didn't even read the articles referenced in the Blog I read.

As it happens, the solution that Norway offered was a chemical that wasn't approved by the American Food & Drug Administration. This seems like a right-flimsy excuse to me for his “Thanks, but no thanks.” Granted, he's under a lot of pressure, and whatever he does will have the Conservative members of American media crawling up his ass to do Tae Bo. Is there any reason he couldn't call the FDA to get 'all hands on deck' to comb through the testing other nations have done, to see if what they'd be using was better or worse than what they've been using?

Another instance in the saga has Obama directing these offers to BP. Now THAT makes sense, except he has publicly taken responsibility to deal with this.

Some theorists have said that he has let the leak go on so he can reinforce his platform on off-shore drilling, or going to cleaner energy. Here's the rub: he could have used this tragedy politically if it had lasted only a week, or a day!

It could be argued that a Canadian has no place bitching about American politics, but a cursory observation will show what affects Washington has on the world. More tangibly, if Il Nino/a affected our climate here in the Great Lakes region, it's easy to imagine that this will have it's ramifications too.

In conclusion, sorry to all. I'm not an Obama-hater, but I'm a little more cautious with my affections. After all, GitMo's still open.


  1. What a cute story about your daughter and the shower! I certainly hope she wasn't traumatized in the long term. Also: very brave of you to discuss politics on your blog. I won't do it myself but that doesn't mean I can't commend you.

    Great post Will.

    Today's guest blogger is Tahereh AKA TH Mafi!

  2. I LOVE a good shower story. When I bring Sam into the bathroom with me for a shower he flushes the toilet eleventy-billion times. I have to unhook the chain from the thingy. Is it called a ballcock? I hope I didn't just make that up.

  3. Ahhh gotta love those showers that get cut short! Story of my life! :)

  4. lol that shower story is adorable Will. Ahh children, great pleasures when they start to crawl

  5. Think I'd rather my wife tried to join me in the shower! Good story though, Will.

  6. Great shower story! You're lucky she's not a climber though--I hear stories about barely walkers climbing up to the top of the tank and causing heart attacks in their unwitting parents--a heart attack in the shower is a bad idea. (good for you though, letting your wife get her sleep!)

  7. A wonderful story about your child, I sat here and could imagine that happening, Enjoyed the post very much.

  8. That President Obama may not be doing the best job handling this BP oil spill is not news to me. If I thought what he did would work, I'd be a liberal.

    What would be news to me is if he made decisions that went against my core principles of how government should be run and they actually worked better than conservative principles.

    So I won't bash him on this one. Sadly, I feel vindicated that I was right but this is one area I wish I was wrong in. I don't want to see our Gulf Region polluted with oil for the next 50 years-- not even if it proves my politics to be right.

    So no "crawling up his ass to do Tae Bo" from me. Sorry.

  9. 成熟,就是有能力適應生活中的模糊。.................................................................                           

  10. My cats are always doing that! I guess because they were outside kitties for a while, water doesn't freak them out.

  11. cute. Just wait till you have multiple kids under six years of age. They get into on onto everything. Never a dull moment.

    Stephen Tremp

  12. Great shower story! Brings back memories of my children's childhoods. And thanks for coming in to my blog and wishing my half childlike daughter Jen a happy birthday.

  13. Hi Sean .. love the Calli story .. little monkeys they get everywhere!! & yes a few wet faces more and she'll be a pro!!

    The oil story is a bit of a nasty .. personally I don't think Obama should be blaming BP directly - yes they may be responsible for the drilling, but who authorised that drilling, whose is the platform, who supplied the equipment etc etc .. I'd have thought that he should be working with BP and other major engineering companies .. trying to find the best solution .. solvents will only harm the Ocean ..

    It is a disaster of mega proportions .. especially as it's very seriously affecting people let alone the wildlife .. but getting angry - won't do any good at all .. working together would be useful and showing the world how democracies work .. sharing and not blaming.

    Thanks .. I don't normally comment like this .. Hilary

  14. Hi Will .... sorreeee .. just realised I thought the background looked like someone else's blog - big mistake??!! So Will - apologies .. I was miles away - obviously miles away .. once again Will sorreeeeee!!!!

  15. 知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。......................................................................

  16. Keep up the knee-jerk reactions, it's what makes blogging fun :D

  17. Calli is fine; I remember those days. They can be filled with surprises, once their feet start crawling or walking about. They are curious and will push the envelope. Wait til she runs...

    I remember that blog post; I hesitated, because I wondered how much of it was fact?! I also was
    upset when I read it, but didn't know all the details and hadn't done the research. It is a sorry state of affairs; I for one wish our government would work together. I won't go into details, but it is divided front with too many finger pointing and name calling. We all will suffer from this disaster....

    Great post~

  18. This morning I watched Obama's immigration reform speech. He sounded like a honors high school student giving one of those platitudinal, anecdote-driven speeches that win him a A+ grade with accolades from the public speaking teacher. Not what I am interested in hearing from a world leader.

    And, yeah, you gotta watch those babies and kids. They get into things as soon as you turn your head. After a few hours my granddaughter wears me out. I'm glad I'm not raising any more kids. I'm too tired.

    Tossing It Out