Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My First Father's Day.

My first father's day was fantastic! Calli got me a beautiful key chain locket with her picture of her in it (I spent Sunday showing it off to everyone at work. Well, mostly the ladies, 'cause the guys see it and think “Yup. That's a kid alright”). Andrea got me Slash's new CD, and a book: “The Secrets of the Freemasons” by Pat Morgan The book is great, and timely, as I finished another book the day before. It gives away more than I thought they would, considering it's written more like a recruitment pamphlet than a conspiracy revelation. The CD is FREAKIN' AWSOME! It features a bunch of guest vocalists (kinda like Santana did), like Ian Ashbury (of The Cult), Chris Cornell, Fergy (not a fan, but these songs are freaking steller!), Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Cyprus Hill, M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, etc. Slash shows a fantastic versatility without losing his particular flavor that makes him so distinctive. Look at me, gushing like a 12-year-old!

When I got home, Andrea had Veal Parmesan ready for dinner with garlic bread – TREATS!! and black forest cake. Does it get any better?

Normally, I don't like to get attention because it happens to be that time of year (I'd rather get attention for being a clever smart-ass!), but this was different. With all of the focus on fatherhood, it struck me that I'm part of a bigger institution. There are a few words in the language (or any other language) that trigger a lot of sentiment, or baggage as the case may be. Many of the Blogs I've read focus on the hero's that raised us, but there's a few stories of regret too.

Most of the time, it's an absolute delight to spend time with my little girl, but sometimes, she's having a bad day, sometimes I am, but I still spend the time with her, because I don't want to be another cat's-in-the-cradle story. Also, odds are that she will grow up to date men who are a lot like me, and I find that mighty sobering! She's always easy to love, but not always easy to spend time with, so I drink it in when she's all smiles and giggles, and rock and soothe her when she's in an exhausted tizzy. Like every other relationship, she will test my patience, and a view of the bigger picture will serve me well to keep it all in context.


  1. Sounds like you scored well for Dad's Day. I got phone calls from a couple of my kids. Spent the day with the one daughter who lives near me with my only grandchild and that was a joy, other than the fact they had had their car stolen the previous night and I had to go pick them up.

    You have the right idea about spending as much time as you can with your daughter. I spent a lot of time with my girls when they were growing up and I think it paid off. The time seems like it went so fast.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I soak up the smiles and smack the shit out of the sass. (Okay, i soooo don't, but sometimes i think about it.)

    Happy Father's Day. Belated, because it's how I do.

  3. That is so cool to write about your first Father's Day! I love how you felt part of a larger institution. Great post, Will, it makes me feel all in love with my family. Now maybe I can clean house and get off the computer lol.

  4. Fatherhood, and motherhood, isn't easy, but it's well worth it. So glad you had such a great day!!

  5. Glad you had a great day. I'll have to check out the CD.
    And you're right - we look at children and think, "Yup. That's a kid."

  6. Pleased you enjoyed your first Fathers' Day. now you have had a glimpse at what is to come.
    Enjoy it.


  7. How lovely for you :o) Fathers Day isnt until September here.

  8. Happy Fathers Day.. and she has just started testing you. I know you have heard all the stories but until they are out.

    But, that being said the rewards are amazing. xx

  9. "That's a kid alright" *snort* You have male officemates of a certain age down.

    Glad you had a great father's day! That CD sounds fabulous!

  10. A sweet post :) very thoughtful and well written, it's nice to see people really appreciating the experience

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day and a sweet, honest post of how it really is! Quite the meal and gifts!

  12. Hi Will .. what a wonderful first Father's Day - she'll be so special in your life .. with many memories to come - great to share with us ..

    She probably will grow up to date people like you .. that is sobering slightly .. we forget points like this - we set that example as they grow.

    Sounds like you've started out the right way & you'll have such fun as she becomes a little person .. enjoy your time en famille .. Hilary