Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Date Night

Yay, Date Night! Last night, we went out on our second Date since Callie arrived, and it was great! First, we went Mini Golfing. We hadn’t been in years, and it was a lot of fun. The place had a black-light, glow-in-the-dark motif, with pop music, that I normally would have found irritating-as-shit, but last night it suited our mood nicely. We had nice little boogie-breaks between puts. Being 4:30 on a Tuesday, it was quiet there – there was one other couple that we never saw. The patron of the place warned us that there were security cameras, and winked. No kinky shenanigans here!

Then after a lovely dinner at Boston Pizza, where we discussed the parenting challenges we were expecting, we went to my workplace for a few things. When people asked, “Where’s the baby?” I’d look wide-eyed at Andrea and say, “Oh SHIT!” I’m confident enough in my parenting that a good child-neglect joke can be funny on occasion!

By the time we got home, she was well into her “Active” time. Whether she’s fussy or not, she’s wide-awake, and wants to be entertained. So now we have the riddle of how to entertain a 10-week-old. Well, we just make up songs, hold her up by her armpits, or swing her on our arms, with her head on an elbow. She’s a little young for Baby Einstein just yet.

Any other infant-amusing ideas?


  1. min golfing is amazing! i played a perfect hole in one on every hole at one of those places once!

  2. Havent been mini golfing in ages. Tiger has now turned me off all golf.. lol.

    There was no baby Einstein when my kids were little, I think music and the lights of the tv are entertaining to them. Your voice..

    God mine just want me to drive them places now.. best ask a newer parent. xxx

  3. My kids both had bouncy seats that they loved. I think Max's vibrated, which also lulled him to sleep. Maybe it was Grace's. Probably Max's because I had better stuff with him seeing as how I was married and an adult and all when he was born.

    That's the long way of saying try out a bouncy seat.