Saturday, December 19, 2009

1 and 1/2 sided Conversations

A couple weeks ago, Andrea had some friends over, and one was schooled in Early Childhood Education. One thing that really stuck with me was how children develop better when their parents talk to them as infants. On one hand, it seems a little silly, when they don’t have the mental equipment to understand. But I’m starting to see reactions. She’s smiling a lot more now. She’ll “talk” back to us, even! It’s freakin’ crazy, watching her mind develop!
She’s winding-up for her 3-month growth-spurt (she’s officially 3 months on Monday). We’ve seen this sign before: she’s eating like she’s preparing to hibernate!

In other news, I finally registered on FaceBook. I actually registered awhile ago, but didn’t do anything with it. I thought I was the last one to register with Face Book, but apparently not.

Asking a couple of friends, they aren’t there. I guess the main reason I’ve been hesitating is that there are people I don’t necessarily want to get back in touch with. You may remember me writing about how I was really religious in high school (I enjoyed my adolescence throughout my 20’s). Already, one of my high school friends ‘Friended’ me. He’s currently a pastor in Michigan, working as a pastor, and has expressed some very conservative views. I guess I didn’t want to explain why I’m not in that head-space anymore. When I say it like that, it sounds a little cowardly. Well, there it is.

I must say, quite the time-sink! If I let it, it could eat up hours of my day, and I’d never see them go! But I’m not there for the games, as I’ve got enough on my plate already. So if you’re there, look me up!

That’s about the end of my news. Thanks for the comments on the last post! I love a good yarn! One I heard in a movie was “I’m the back-end of Snufflufagus” (Sesame Street). Dammit, I wish I’d used it!

Enjoy some pictures!


  1. Your daughter is adorable.

    I was always surprised how much my children understood as infants. I remember once when I was dressing one of my kids, she could just stand but not talk and I asked her to turn around so I could button or zip her up and she did. It must have made some impression as I remember it 15/20 years later.

    Keep talking.

  2. aww Will she is adorable! One of the cutest babies I have seen! Good job!

  3. I tried the baby sign language with my son and really enjoyed it. I started signing to him at 6 months and he signed back to me at around 9 months. He only used it until his first birthday when he started speaking but it was great being able to communicate without words. Saved us a lot of fits I'm sure. He's 5 now and has not shut up since!

  4. She's precious!! I love her little cheeks!

    I talked to my kids all the time-while I was pregnant and they were little and I never talked baby talk to them. Both of them talked early (okay, Max not so early as Grace but once he started, it was on), never had any speech issues and are super smart. It's good to talk to the babies. Plus, I didn't have anyone else to talk to all day, so it's not like they had a choice!