Monday, September 12, 2011

Spreading Yourself -- When Is Another Blog A Good Idea?

What a turn out for the Insecure Writers Blog Hop! Great idea, Alex. I already know what I want to write about for October; just goes to show what a rich vein of inspiration our insecurities can be :P

I had a bunch of people start following me that I was already following from the Crusader Challenge in January, so if you aren’t seeing me pop-up as a new follower, that’s why. On the same note, check to see if you may be double-following me. (I’ve done that. No sense in having more in the Blog Roll than you need, eh?)

When I go to visit commenters, I click on the name on the comment and go through the Profile. I’ve noticed that several of you have more than one Blog. How do you decide to start another platform? And, where do you find the time? I’ve played with this idea from time to time, but budgeting the time would be tricky. Lately though, I’ve been getting up an hour before Chickerdoodles a few days a week, and this works well for Bloffee time. I’m really not in a writing headspace at this time of day (6:30-7:30), but it’s prime for visiting.

I also get more ambitious at this time of year. I love autumn, and in September, I still get this back-to-school, time-to-buckle-down feeling. Time to ride this wave, eh?

So do you have a second (or more) Blog? Why, and how?


  1. I can't imagine having a second blog! It's all I can do to keep up with the first one.

  2. I double post, sort of. I started a WordPress blog after reading Kristen Lamb's book. I'm doing everything to market myself properly to sell more books.

    The posts are the same, but I do manage two blogs.

  3. I couldn't possibly do a second blog. I can barely do one!

  4. I've got two blogs. I started a new one this year under my horror pen name. I did it becuase I write in more than one genre, and I wanted to give myself a push for the horror stuff. It's cool, I don't blog much on either. About once a week on each.

  5. I think people with really solid interests in something that only appeals to a subset can do more than one. Me? I'm a one-trick-pony. I write. That said, i have my ME blog and my group blog with my writer's group where I pop up about every 10 days. People though who... cook, garden, parent, have pets... might have topical blogs in addition, if they have enough content to keep it going. I think the question to ask is if you have enough to say on a topic to post on it a couple times a week. I post on all those things, but... you know... once a month or less--don't merit a new blog.

  6. Funny you should ask this. I usually get annoyed when I go to a profile and find 3 or more blogs listed. Which one should I check out? Sometimes one or more of the listings are inactive blogs or blogs that never started or something of limited or personal interest. I feel like I've wasted my time looking through these and since I can't remember all the blogs I've looked at I will often look at these more than once. If I'm in a hurry and see a list, I'll just skip the whole mess and move one without looking at anything.
    It helps when the multi-blog blogger lists the primary blog as the "My Website". Even better would be to include in the profile section a description of what each blog is about.

    Oddly enough, this past week I've been seriously considering adding two more blogs on which I will post only once a week or so. I would follow my latter suggestion of describing blog content in my profile and giving them titles that reflect what they are about (forget those clever titles that are ambiguous). This is all something I am considering as an experiment. No final decision yet--like you say: How do I find the time to maintain it all?

    Tossing It Out

  7. I have a second blog that gets very little attention, I post about twice a month, never follow anyone or comment from that URL, it gets about 3 comments per post and not many views. Why don't I just take it out, I ask myself. Not sure, really, maybe I'll just stop posting and let it die a slow death.

  8. I have only one blog. A second one would just be an epic fail on my part.

  9. I use my precious caffeine addled minutes in the morning to visit and comment too. I've tried second blogs on completely different subjects to my first, but they never work out. It ended up that I wouldn't post as often, and the process to gain followers was long and arduous and, at the end of the day, I liked my first blog too damn much to take time away from it :P

  10. I decided to start another blog about my ass because I figured my Pagan readers got tired of reading about her nearly every single post. Very insightful, I know.

  11. Hey Will! You won a free copy of Jeremy's book, Chatterbox. (I forgot to do the announcement last week - I suck.) He will be contacting you.

  12. Stopping by here via Arlee Bird's blog where you were kind enough to comment on my guest post.

    I do run two blogs, one on Wordpress and the other on Blogger. Both have different audiences-- on one I play around more with my fiction, talk about my life and travels (as they relate to writing) and the other one is purely about my writing...I run this on a more formal schedule.

    They do take up a chunk of my time, but they also reward me with good blog-friends, ALex and Lee among them :)

    Join me at the Rule of Three Writers' Blogfest!

  13. Looking forward to your picks for the blogfest on Monday!

  14. I have one blog that's all my own, but I manage one for a writers' group and contribute now and then to a couple of others.

  15. Well, yes, I have more than 2 blogs, actually. I have a team blog where I post once in a while--they are cool with that, then I have a clip art blog which I've let go because I'm busy with my authorly stuff, then I have my illustrator blog where my art is showcased--I don't really do much with that, either.

    I've had to cut back a few blogs to be honest with you--I had another team one that I dropped.

    I find networking on more than one social network hard--twitter, facebook, google plus, linkedin--oh my! :P


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  16. Interesting post. I suppose you canhave two blogs if you have clear boundaries what each blog contains, e.g. one details personal events, travels, etc., while the other is devoted to writing. Me, I'll stick to a writing blog, and just one blog, or I'll go mad! Briefly had two blogs, but the second one was just to promote the charity anthology I was editing.