Monday, August 22, 2011

A Quick Word To The Published Bloggers

I find that reading a book from a fellow Blogger is different than other books. With my Blogger buddies, I’m used to reading their thoughts on the craft, so when I read their books, I’m much more aware of what’s going into the book. So far, I’ve read two books from be colleagues, and both have been very enjoyable.

Unfortunately, when I posted my review of Alex Cavenaugh’s “Cassastar,” I was having issues getting my new computer to play well with Blogger, so it wasn’t possible for people to leave comments, so I’m going to re-post that one tomorrow (Tuesday, the 23rd). Then, on Friday, I’ll tell you what I thought of Tali Roland’s “The Hating Game.”

If you have something available on Kobo, let me know. I’m happy to support the publishing Bloggers, but I won’t say if I got it or not, because I want to publish honest reviews, but I don’t want to get on here and say that I didn’t like someone’s work. If we were a thick-skinned lot, we’d be in movies, eh?


  1. Well thanks, Will, I appreciate you reposting your review - and glad you enjoyed it. I understand your hesitancy with reviewing books. We're all friends here and no one likes to say less than flattering things about a friend.

  2. Yay! Thanks loads, Will, for your support. :) Looking forward to your thoughts!

  3. hahaha! Sounds like the way to go!

  4. I have read a few bloggers books and have enjoyed them all. I feel as though I know the author and having read reviews before hand heps.


  5. I've read a number of Blogger's books and have found them better than some of the books Purchased from established writers. And the books and downloads are much cheaper too.

  6. Always nice to support your fellow writers. I too do the same as you.

  7. Nothing wrong with being honest as long as you do it kindly. If you didn't like something you read, it just means you weren't the author's target market.

    Now that you've admitted to reading chic lit, you might want to try my fantasy, Fire's Daughter. It's available on Kobo and everything else - including good old fashioned paper!

    Wendy Tyler Ryan
    Fire's Daughter

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